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If you’re dying to see Superman Returns, by all means, go see it. You’ll probably love it. Almost every review I’ve seen of the movie is positive, positive, positive.

But if you’re looking for a reason not to see it – I mean, if you’re really torn, and you don’t want to spend the dollars, or you’re fighting with your spouse because you want to see it but he/she doesn’t, or whatever… Well, pull up a chair. I’ll try to give you the downside without giving away too much plot.

I couldn’t wait to see this show, just on general principles, because I love superhero movies. But I was also spurred on by the good reviews. The only negative thing I’ve seen written about the show was that Kate Bosworth was too young and didn’t do a good job of picking up where Margo Kidder left off.

Well, that’s ironic, because at least she tried to bring something new to the role. Did anyone else? Nope. Yes, she was too young, but she was a Lois we haven’t seen before. In this movie, that’s saying a lot.

Brandon Routh was the worst offender on that score. He wasn’t trying to play SUPERMAN, he was trying to play Christopher Reeves playing Superman. Yawn – how about bringing something fresh to the character for crying out loud? That’s what Reeves did, and that’s why he was such a success in the part. If you just want to see that Superman again, watch his movies. And if you want to see Reeves’ Superman in additional episodes, then all I can say is, they’re doing wonderful things with computer animation/graphics these days.

It was as though the characters were prisoners of the actors who came before them. Was that the prime directive of this movie – “change nothing”? Was that why Frank Langella and Kevin Spacey were so restrained? Not that I like actors to overdo it, but I love it when they put a unique, unexpected spin on a character. (It’s a minor quibble in regard to Langella and Spacey, because even when they’re subdued, they’re engaging.)

I loved the first three movies because they were so fresh. They brought something new and wonderful to an already wonderful, but slightly corny and goody-goody, story. The TV show Lois and Clark brought something new to it too, and I liked that also. And Smallville – yep. No hands were tied in the crafting of that story.

The brightest spot in the movie? That would be James Marsden. Since he was a new character, they couldn’t tell him “be like xx” and thank heavens for that! He was terrific. And the story line about him and Lois and the kid was wonderful. I thought Marsden/Richard was the real heartthrob/hero of this movie by a mile. Love triangle? Come on – is Lois crazy?

I know they’re setting us up for that love triangle to really explode in Superman Returns II or whatever they call the sequel. And because of Marsden and the storyline with the kid, I might even go see it at the theater. I’ll definitely see it as a video as soon as it’s available.

Bottom line? It depends on what you want from Superman Returns. A trip down memory lane? Then this is your movie. But for those of us looking for the new generation of Superman movies, not so much.

I should qualify this entire blog entry by noting that everyone involved – writers, directors, actors, etc – is obviously talented, and they accomplished exactly what they wanted to accomplish. So the movie really is a success, objective speaking. It just didn’t work for me personally.


Oh, and P.S., how about coming up with a better reason why he didn’t notify the world and his girlfriend that he was abandoning them? Sheesh. It would have hurt him too much? That’s our hero? (sorry, I just remembered that part)



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Jul. 12th, 2006 02:27 pm (UTC)
Kate wrote: how about coming up with a better reason why he didn’t notify the world and his girlfriend that he was abandoning them? Sheesh. It would have hurt him too much? That’s our hero?

A-MEN on that score! The movie's premise was the Supe had been gone for 5 years. FIVE freaking years after the Earth (from Superman II) just got attacked by 3 superbeings? I don't buy it that Supe would have abandoned it to go on a fool's errand in search of his old homeworld. I don't. And not telling Lois? Puh-lease. Nuh uh.

I agree with you too on Cyclops. Dreamy. But if Lois picks Supe over Cyclops, she's dead to me. DEAD. I want her to pick CLARK over Cyclops. Just like Mary Jane picked Peter over Spidey.
Jul. 13th, 2006 02:15 am (UTC)
Re: Amen!
Hmm, I guess whichever way they go, they'll make one of us happy, right, Karm? But of course, we know Lois will pick Superman. They'll make Richard do something despicable out of jealousy, or they'll kill him.

The way I look at it is this: Superman saved the day, but he's got x-ray vision and is impervious to bullets, plus he gets his jollies by saving the world.

Richard saved Superman, even tho Richard is just a mortal guy. That makes him more of a hero to me, all other things being equal. (And let's face it, without sounding too, too shallow, Marsden is better looking AND sexier. At least to moi.)

I'm glad we agree on part of this tho! Now, how about those Pirates? Did you see them yet? I'm afraid to go, since I had to lobby the hubby to see Supe, and it didn't work out. He doesn't want to see Pirates either. And meanwhile, we didn't see Vince Vaughn and Jennifer A's movie, so what to do, what to do?

Oh, and in case I seem amazingly shallow, I really do intend to see AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. Really! Any minute now (okay, so I'm waiting for the video -- sue me).

Thanks for weighing in, Karm!


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