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If you’ve read any of my SPIN books, or certain of my blog entries, you’re familiar with Justin Russo, the sexy hero of SPIN CONTROL, which is my upcoming release. (Sept!! Less than six weeks away!!)

I’ve had some fun the last few days daydreaming about the difference between Justin and the guy in the book I’m writing right now (CHARADE, my Athena Force book, which won’t be out till March).

Justin first. He’s the quintessential hero for a spy story. Resourceful, charismatic, upbeat – for example, fast with the one-liners – and very good-looking. He’s also brave and has a heart of gold. His weaknesses? Loves women a little too much; tendency to go rogue; just a tad reckless (but of course those are actually strengths too, at least for purposes of my story.)

Justin was supposed to be a throwaway character in my first SPIN book, IDENTITY CRISIS. I don’t think he appeared for more than 15 or so pages total (in fact, he never “appeared,” he was just on the phone with the main character in three scenes). But he stole each of those scenes, and I got a fair amount of mail about him – at least as much as I got about the actual hero of that book! So I figured he was a keeper – someone who could stroll through each succeeding book, never getting tied down.

That’s what happened in EXIT STRATEGY. He walked into the final scene, stopped the show with his trademark hunky/casual aire, then disappeared. Yep, he stole that scene too.

Now he has his very own book. And he falls in love with his very own lawyer. Unfortunately for him, Suzannah has read his file, and knows better than to fall for his line.

Okay, that’s Justin. Now what about the guy in CHARADE?

I keep calling him “the guy” because that’s all he was to me at the beginning. Solid, nice guy – bit of a grouch, but only because he’s trying so hard to do a great job under difficult circumstances. Sure he has dark green eyes and a great body. But he’s all about the strategy. The details. Plans a great op. Handy to have around, but without Justin Russo’s cachet.

His role was backup, both as an operative and as a character. I knew he’d round out the story nicely because the heroine is an impetuous hothead, so the contrast would be classic.

I wrote the whole first draft liking this guy a lot, and making sure there were sparks between him and the heroine, et cetera. He more than did his job. I was very pleased.

Then I sat down and read the draft, and woah!! I can’t believe this guy! His name is Jeff Crossman by the way. And he’s a mass of hunky contradictions, sexy as all get out – really sneaks up on you. I took him for granted, but now he owns me. Yum.

He’s no Justin. But then again, Justin’s no Jeff.

Don’t make me choose!! (Okay, okay. If you’ve really read my books or blog, you know it’s all about Ortega for me, but since he’s taken, these guys will definitely do. In fact, since Ortega's wife is now expecting their first child, I can't quite work up the same old enthusiasm for him anymore, so....)

BTYL ~ Kate


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Jul. 25th, 2006 01:58 pm (UTC)
All About the Guys
Kate, you know I'm all about the chicks. And I'm not liking it one bit that you're making me fall for the guys BEFORE you introduce the girls. What about the ladies??? Who are they and why do I wanna be like them? Post tomorrow please?

Jul. 26th, 2006 02:13 am (UTC)
Re: All About the Guys
Okay Karm, I'll post about the females -- probably this weekend. For now, all you need to know is that you're already a lot like Sasha B, the star of CHARADE. She's got style, she's creative, she knows what she wants and goes after it, and she isn't afraid to kick some evil butt. Plus, she's lots of fun.

As for Suzannah Ryder, the protagonist of SPIN CONTROL... hmmm... my guess is, you won't want to be her as much as you'll want to be best friends with her. That's how I see her for myself. I mean, any girl who can bring Justin Russo to his knees is deserving of our admiration, right?

Why do I focus on the guys on my blog? Because in the actual books, it's all about the female protagonist. You know that by now! In SPIN CONTROL, we never even get into Justin's point of view. In CHARADE it's a little different, but still, it's Sasha's party all the way.

Thanks for stopping by. I love getting your perspective!
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