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new contest coming soon

My July contest is winding down, and I have to say, it’s been wild. Over 200 entries!

I’ve held the same kind of contest three months in a row, and for August, I’m changing formats. I thought I’d mention it so that if you stop by, you can figure out your answer now and avoid the August rush.

Basically, I’m doing a little research on what visitors would like to see in a blog entry. Do you like hearing about my writing woes? Tidbits about upcoming books? Do you prefer movie reviews? My opinions on miscellaneous? My feud with the you-know-what?

Semi-seriously, I want to know. It would help me decide what to blog about, and how often to do so.

So officially, the August/Sept question will be, which blog entry have you liked best so far, and why. I’m going to keep track, and perhaps modify my blogging accordingly (or not, depending on how valid the results seem, as in, if I get 100 entries that all say the same thing, word for freaking word, I won’t be too impressed.) But if a dozen people want movie reviews, well – that gives me a reason to go to the movies more often, so I’d be very, very inclined to take it to heart!

It’s still four days away, but I’m planning ahead as you can see.

Meanwhile, I Fed Ex’d my CHARADE manuscript to Silhouette today – and I was definitely ready to let it go. The first draft was pretty solid, but I made tons and tons of one-or-two-sentence changes during the read-through, which then produced the second draft. I made dozens and dozens of one-or-two-word changes to that one, and printed the third draft. Could I have found more tweaks? Sure, but basically, I was happy with it. The difference in shipping if I had gone one more round? 72 dollars instead of 38 – yep, that’s 34 reasons to ship it today, so I did.

BTYL! – Kate

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