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Silhouette Bombshell

Well, the word is out all over the net about Bombshell's cancellation. I thought I was prepared for the news, but turns out, I wasn't.

All my thanks to everyone who supported this line by buying/reading/writing/editing -- what a terrific group effort, and what terrific books resulted from it. I'm so proud to have been a part of it.

SPIN CONTROL will still be released in Sept, but I can't imagine they bothered printing many copies, so it will probably go out with a whimper rather than a bang. Too bad because it just got a great review in RT. And I had the sequel, NIGHT ARROW, half finished. Wow, Justin and Suzannah deserved better than this.

As for CHARADE, the manuscript I just completed -- the news might not even be as good as that. The announcement says Jan 2007 is the last month for books, and CHARADE is March 2007. It was part of a company owned continuity. I'm not sure if that means they'll try harder to salvage it, or find it easier to just let it fade away.


What a heartbreaker. I'll blog later when I'm more coherent. Thanks again, everyone!!



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Aug. 14th, 2006 07:27 pm (UTC)
I want to shoot someone.
Kate, I'm waffling between absolute, cold, infuriating anger and weepy despair. I know that sales weren't good, but I can't believe the PTB at H/S is just going to cancel this line altogether. I mean, haven't they read the books??? Don't they know what wonderful pieces of litertainment they are??? My god, how short-sighted. I can't believe they won't even try to do something creative about this, like do the imprint. Or fold it into another category line. SOMETHING.


I need a nap. Can I call ya tonight?

Aug. 14th, 2006 08:00 pm (UTC)
Re: I want to shoot someone.
Isn't it awful?

Sure, call me tonight. I'm working at home, so I'm available.

I'm miserable for everyone involved, but also for SPIN CONTROL, because I worked so hard on that book, and Justin and Suzannah put on such a show for everyone. And for nothing? Plus, NIGHT ARROW won't ever see the light of day.

Oh my, it's just painful every way we look at it, isn't it? I feel worst for Tawna, though. Sheesh!


p.s. I'm wondering if bombshellauthors.com won't set up some sort of chat so we can all commiserate together. Maybe I'll suggest it.
Aug. 14th, 2006 07:54 pm (UTC)
I am completely speechless...it hurts. These are the only books that I consistantly buy no matter what!
Aug. 14th, 2006 08:07 pm (UTC)
Re: NOOOOOO!!!!!
It does hurt, Charity. I guess I didn't really believe it could happen. As far as your stories go, maybe they'll make an announcement soon about looking for heroine-driven stories for other lines like IM. I sure hope so! -- Kate
Aug. 15th, 2006 01:15 am (UTC)
I am sorry that your next installment of SPIN is now in limbo...If it is in limbo it's not gone forever right? You have many fans and of course you made my life a little better by inventing Ray. Ummmm, Yummy Ray. :) Please keep writing. I will follow you wherever you publish.

Sheri D.
Aug. 15th, 2006 02:03 am (UTC)
Re: Bomshells
Oh Sheri, thanks so much for saying that. I really needed it today.

As for Ray, we're in complete agreement!

The next SPIN book will be released on schedule in about two weeks, and it's called SPIN CONTROL. After that, I don't think we'll see the next one, which is called NIGHT ARROW, but who knows?

You can see Ray again tho, because I've written a little short story about a SPIN wedding where all the gang attends. I'm going to post it on my website and on this blog so that SPIN readers can read it. I'll wait till October tho, because I want everyone to read SPIN CONTROL again.

I'm so glad you stopped by! Thanks a million.

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