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life is NOTHING like a box of chocolates

[to enter blog contest, see August 1 entry; bombshell news, see other Aug 14th entry, I'm on a roll today]

As you can see from the title to this entry, I'm still a little down. (I never saw Forrest Gump but I've eaten in his restaurant. One of the reasons I never saw it? I didn't like that chocolate remark. Another? Tom Hanks isn't my favorite, as you know if you read my Da Vinci Code review)

Meanwhile, if you want to read some great blogging, try http://www.tessgerritsen.com/blog/. Tess's August 12 entry is so true, and I'm so glad she said it. It dovetails with my Readers v. Gamers entry a while back.

I also loved her July 13 and June 9th entries because she might as well have been talking about me. I write all my creative stuff by hand first, sometimes scribbling right up the side of the page to continue a wacky thought. And I can't recognize people on sight -- apparently, it's a medical condition.

If you don't have Tess's blog bookmarked, you should consider it. It's consistently great. She must be an amazing person, and most certainly is an amazing writer.



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Aug. 15th, 2006 03:25 am (UTC)
Tess Gerritsen
I had actually caught up on Tess' blog before the bad news today. She really does seem like someone I'd love to have over for a glass of wine. Is the Aug 12 entry the one where she talks about the lady who hadn't enjoyed reading since she was a little girl? So so true. Steve Gutenburg (sp?) had a quote in a women's magazine a million years ago to the effect that we can't eat out at fancy restaurants all the time; sometimes we just need fast food or homecooked. He was relating it to pop movies vs what critics wanted to see but it applies to reading as well.

Penn (looking forward to Justin's arrival in the mail)
Aug. 15th, 2006 03:34 am (UTC)
Re: Tess Gerritsen
Hi Penn! Nice to see you here.

Wasn't that a great entry on Tess's site? (do you like how I talk about her as though I know her? Sheesh, what noive!) Anyway, what she says is so true. I know more than a few people who say they loved reading as kids, but got out of the habit. I'll bet she's right --they read for entertainment as children, then lost that joy on the road to adulthood.

I hope Justin arrives safely and soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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