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Food and Ricky Bobby review

[For SPIN contest rules, see Aug 1 entry]

I was going to review Will Ferrell’s new movie a while back, but the news about Bombshell pushed it to the back burner. Too bad, because really, a comedy is just what you need at times like this. So I’ll tell you about it below.

First, though – food. My husband’s birthday is tomorrow so I’ve been cooking/baking all weekend. We always have enchiladas using my dearly-missed mother-in-law’s traditional recipe, and homemade carrot cake. It’s crazy to pair these foods, since each is so rich, etc, so I made the enchiladas on Friday, the cake today (Sunday) to avoid too much overlap. The cake is all done and is in the refrigerator, since the cream cheese frosting tastes best once chilled. We’ll cut into it tonight. Yum. We’ve got to spread these things out because we’ve been on a diet and we don’t want to gain it all back in one bingey weekend.

This carrot cake, by the way, is nothing like my nemesis the Bunny Cake (see April 15, 16). This cake is easy to make and always comes out right. It’s ironic, isn’t it, that bunnies eat carrots? Somehow, that bunny is always the villain in my baking life. Anyway, if you want a great carrot cake recipe, let me know.

Now, Ricky Bobby. What can I say? All Will Ferrell has to do is look into the camera and I start laughing. It wasn’t always so. Until I saw Anchorman, I didn’t get the attraction. And for the first half of Anchorman, I wasn’t all that impressed. Then something clicked, and I got it. Laughed so hard it was practically illegal. And now, he’s got me.

If you like him, you’ll love this movie. If you don’t, you won’t. That’s my review. If you’re on the fence, see Anchorman first, then this. I can’t be a good judge of things because he cracks me up no matter what he says or does, but I’ll warn you – some of the jokes are borderline tasteless, but Ferrell keeps them on the good side of the border, so they actually come off as hilarious. The movie is unpredictable, believe it or not. How many movies can claim that these days? Plus, Gary Cole is in it, and proving himself to be one of those guys who was sexy as hell when young, and now – yep, still sexy as hell. I guess he went to the Sean Connery school of acting.

More about Will Ferrell: In Bewitched, he plays an actor, and there’s a scene where he’s showing Nicole Kidman an acting trick he does with his eyes, where he turns around, intensely focusing with his narrowed eyes – his trademark look. And I’m positive it’s his imitation of Tom Cruise, who does that a lot in his movies, and always does it in his trailers for action movies (check out War of the Worlds). Anyway, Kidman laughs so hard in Bewitched, and I’m sure it’s because Ferrell is making fun of Cruise. Anyway, you gotta love Will Ferrell.

What else have I seen lately? Well, we finished watching the first season of HBO’s Rome, and it was fantastic. Just got better and better all the time. We rented FAILURE TO LAUNCH, and it failed for me, mostly because the premise was silly – hire a girl to convince your grown son to move out of your house by doing what? And he was a likeable guy because he what? And furthermore, I was a huge SJP fan for years, but she started bothering me in the last season of Sex and the City, and I swear, now everything about her bothers me. If I want to see her, I’ll watch my favorite comedy, HONEYMOON IN VEGAS. That’s the SJP I love to watch, and it’s also the Nicholas Cage I love to watch, so I grow fonder of it all the time.

That’s it! Hope you’re having a nice, cake-eating weekend.



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