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I admit it. I love TV. I’m choosy about what I watch, but there’s nothing I love more than finding a new show that works for me. (Okay, there are quite a few things I love more than that, but I really do get a huge kick out of it.)

For a while, I was all booked up. I had three or four situation comedies, some great genre-benders like ENTOURAGE and SOPRANOS, several thrillers (24 and ALIAS and LOST), and a nice assortment of paranormals (CHARMED, SUPERNATURAL and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and STARGATE, and then HEX for a short while).

During that period of time, I actually avoided watching new shows, because I felt I was already spending too much time with the TV. But now Alias and Charmed are gone; Lost is pretty awful; Stargate’s gone and Hex has vanished. Some of my standard comedies have lost their edge. Entourage and Sopranos, along with a new favorite, LIFE ON MARS, recently had season finales. Even MONK, which rather re-invented itself this year and became a favorite for me rather than just a back-up, is gone until January. I think the 4400 is gone for a while again too.

So I’ve got some openings in my viewing schedule, which means I’ll be auditioning new prospects over the next few weeks. I’d love recommendations if you have them.

Right now, it looks like 24, THE WIRE, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, KING OF QUEENS, SUPERNATURAL, and possibly DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES if it really returns to its roots, are on the list. And in October, Battlestar starts again. It’s a weird one, but I can’t look away yet.

What shows will I be interviewing? For comedy, I’ll keep trying HAPPY HOUR (I’m apparently the only person in America who laughed during the pilot, and then the first real episode cracked me up again – at least they’re trying something different! I hope the network gives it a chance to find its legs and an audience). I’ll try James Woods lawyer show, and Matthew Perry’s Studio thing, although the latter looks kind of slick for my tastes. I’ve been trying to like VANISHED, but it’s on probation.

As for existing shows that I already know I won’t try: I’ve rejected GRAY’S ANATOMY without even watching it by the way, because its initial advertising strategy bugged me. I’m very arbitrary that way, plus I don’t really like medical shows, so I don’t watch HOUSE either. I don’t watch LAW AND ORDER – not any of them, not ever. The tone is all wrong for me. I despise THE CLOSER – ugh, mostly because I had high hopes for it, and then it just didn’t work for me, so I took it very personally. I understand most people love it, so clearly, my problem, not the show’s. (Still, if they’re curious, I’d be glad to tell them how they lost my vote.) Oh, and I don’t watch any daytime TV at all. I don’t even count it as real TV. Go figure. And I don’t watch reality shows – too much reality in my life already!

My only real complaint? It looks like a season of too many “continuing stories.” Does that bug anyone else? I have weeks where I’m too busy to watch TV. I’d like to miss an occasional episode and catch it in re-runs. But these days, it’s like you need to watch everything in their order, not your own. I resent it. But I still watch, because as I mentioned—

I love TV.


Oh and p.s. I watch the Daily Show fairly regularly. And all the dopey stuff on History and Discovery Channels about secret societies and haunted houses and tombs and mythology and end-of-the-world predictions, whether by Nostradamus or some other nuts. Love that stuff!



Sep. 21st, 2006 11:33 am (UTC)
Re: TV Shows
I agree that he needed to be primed before coming off the mountain. I think he was ready and that is what was important to make the story work.

I am not so sure he would go in search of Miranda though. I think that he would have wanted to and perhaps would have watched her from afar, but I think it would still have been her to initiate any contact...she was the one that got away because of his actions. And Kristie knowing how to appeal to his masculine...love the sexy red head needing his help thing...would draw him off the mountain and back into society.

When asking my Professor if he is a good lawyer he says..."I win some, and sometimes justice prevails and I lose..." When he isn't reading out of the text and calling on people to read aloud the definitions, he cracks me up!

Sep. 22nd, 2006 03:38 pm (UTC)
Re: TV Shows
And of course, if he had come down the mountain and shown up on her doorstep, maybe Mirands would have clobbered him. Or at least tried to. That actually might have been a cool scene.

I like your professor!


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