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In the comments to my FLIGHTPLAN review the other day, Karm and Charity talked about Sean Bean (who had a role in the movie), and I responded that he’s on my list of top ten all-time sexiest guys, actor-wise. Which is true.

But thereafter, I had to ask myself, who were the other 9 guys on my list? So I’ve been trying to figure that out, but guess what? I need several lists to really tell the story.

There’s the Top Ten itself.

Then guys who fell off of my Top Ten with a thud because of unhunky behavior, on or off screen. My Outcasts.

Then there’s the list of guys I’ve retired to my Hall of Fame – they don’t do the sexy roles anymore, and maybe can’t pull them off, but they went out with hunky grace, and so they get a special place in my heart.

There’s also a group of guys who can turn in a Top Ten performance, but it’s not consistent. That’s probably a credit to their acting skills, right? But for a real Top Ten, they could star in a Viagra commercial and still seem hot, so there’s a distinction.

And what about the up-and-coming guys, NPI? They merit watching, but they haven’t made the list yet.

And finally, there are TV shows or movie franchises that can actually imbue hotness into their entire male cast. I’m thinking Entourage, Buffy, Rescue Me, and a few others. It’s impossible to tell whether it’s the role, the writing, the company the guy keeps, or the guy himself – although obviously, it’s a combination to a certain extent.

So start making your lists! I’m still fine-tuning mine, but I’ll try to post them all tomorrow. I keep getting the feeling I'm leaving someone out, so you'll have to help me with that.


p.s. There are also the guys who could be hot if they’d just try a little harder. Do they deserve their own list? Maybe, if only to encourage them to put a little more effort into it!



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Sep. 29th, 2006 03:25 pm (UTC)
Haha!!! I'm loving this blog entry! I only have one kind of list: the "Which guy would I jump in the sack with given the opportunity?" list. Right now, I only have two men:

1. Michael Vartan
2. Jensen Ackles

DH has been fully apprised of the contents of this list, and has been duly forewarned of the consequences should the very remote possibility occur that I actually run into these two men. Although he wasn't happy about it, I've nevertheless rectified the situation by making him come up with his own list. (1. Jessica Alba; 2. Fergie)

Sep. 30th, 2006 07:10 pm (UTC)
50 %
Well, we agree on 50% of your picks! I've posted mine now in the Sept 30th entry. It should be fun to see which of mine don't work for you, and vice versa!
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