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Arrogance, TT, BSG, and waaaahhhhhh

Well, I’ve been blogging in my head again. By that I mean that I get an idea that interests me and I decide to blog about it, but because I’m driving or whatever, I plan it out in my head, practically word for word, then life interrupts and it never hits the keyboard. So even though you don’t see them on my blog, recent entries include a rant about Arrogance; a long piece about time travel (which is on my mind lately because I’m working on a TT story); an ode to this season’s Battlestar Galactica, known elsewhere as BSG, and to me as Battlestar G; and laughing on the outside when you’re waaaah-ing on the inside.

Meanwhile, my life has temporarily become filled with stress. Some of it is the so-called “good stress” – i.e. wonderful things that take a lot of effort to put into place, sorta like childbirth (except you don’t get to walk away with a baby). And some of it is bad stress. But mostly, it’s the deadly “mundane stress” – in this case, work deadlines on projects that have long-since lost their intellectual appeal (if they ever had any). I’m spoiled because my job, while always stressful, is usually fascinating. Lately, not so much. And as for the light at the end of the tunnel, well, as they say, that might be the headlamp of an oncoming freight train. Too soon to know.

So let’s talk about time travel. Do you believe in it? Can you give me one good reason not to believe in it? Because I can give you lots of reasons to suspend all disbelief.

Let’s tackle that this weekend. Meanwhile, I hope everyone has been having less stress, more fun, than the average blog hopper!




Oct. 25th, 2006 01:04 am (UTC)
Oops, sorry..that last comment was from Kathleen E. :)

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