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I took a day off from work and went Christmas shopping today. It was fun, but it reminded me why I usually wait until much later in the month to do my business. In order to illustrate the problem, let’s go down the list of things I bought:

(1) A new hair dryer for my daughter – this one is very lightweight, and since she has been having some pain in her wrist, I thought this might help. Of course, I intend to give it to her right away because – well – her wrist hurts! That’s a good reason, right?

(2) Three neat little flashlights that don’t need batteries. They operate via a hand crank, so that you can power them indefinitely even if there’s no electricity or batteries handy. I recently attended a disaster training seminar and heard about these items. The best part is, there’s a little outlet in the side of the flashlight so you can recharge your cell phone! Cool, yes? You can bet I won’t wait till Christmas to give these to my two kids and my husband. That’s like asking for a disaster to happen. Better they should have them right away.

(3) Two jigsaw puzzles. This is a little misleading, since we always open these before Christmas, so that we can take our time doing them. I’ve already dusted off the card table – can’t wait! Of course, we'll have them done by the 8th at this rate, and I'll have to buy more, but those are the breaks.

(4) Michael Crichton’s new book on CD. This is nominally for my husband, but there’s no way I can wait till Christmas for us to start listening to it on our commute. So…

(5) A bag of doggie chews for Peanut. (I already gave him one, so that’s the end of that surprise)

(6) Some gorgeous candles for the receptionist at my office. I put them on the dining room table so I’d remember to wrap them, and dang if they didn’t look so good there, I decided to keep ‘em and get her something else.

Are you sensing a pattern? It was worse when the kids were really young. I’d buy gifts and squirrel them away. Then someone would sneeze or cough, and I’d tuck the poor little tyke into bed with the latest action figure or doll. And then I'd give the other one something too, because fair is fair. Or someone would have a bad day, and I couldn’t resist cheering eveyrone up with a little “early Christmas present.”

Eventually I learned to just wait till the 16th or so. That works much better, efficiency-wise, although I have to admit, this way is more fun.

Meanwhile, I wish they'd hurry and get home!


p.s. How do the rest of you resist this temptation? Do you hide them at someone else's house or something? Help me out here!


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