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HOLIDAY drive-by blogging

It probably seems like I dropped off the edge of the planet, and that’s basically how I feel! It’s always a challenge at this time of year balancing my day job (which is notoriously busy in December), with writing, with shopping, with baking, with partying, etc.

I’m not much of a party go-er except at this time of year. And while I love to shop, I’ve more or less given up shopping sprees – except at this time of year. Baking – ditto. With the exception of birthdays and Bunny Cake day, I really only bake in December.

I love all of these activities, but the month is always a disaster because the basic rhythm of my life goes haywire. I can’t pace myself. I can’t prioritize. Whole weeks go by during which I keep saying: oh! I forgot to [fill in the blank].

Work and writing always have deadlines. But massive shopping deadlines? Drop dead baking deadlines? Sheesh!

So blogging has been a casualty. I only started my blog last Spring, so I didn’t realize I couldn’t keep it up during December, otherwise I’d have posted a “gone fishing” note or something.

Still, I had to come by and wish everyone the very best holiday season ever. For all my complaints, it’s wonderful at my house – crisp and cold outside, warm inside, and everyone’s healthy and filled with optimism. Can’t ask for more.

I wish that for each and every one of you.

Love, Kate

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