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computer woes

Hi everyone,

My computer has lost its mind apparently. First it couldn't open more than one browser at one time. Now it can't get on the internet at all! I'm using an old laptop for internet emergencies, but it's not conducive to lots of surfing or posting, so I'm out of the loop for a while.

Meanwhile, I can still word process, but even that is touch and go. For example, sometimes when I open My Documents, it tells me I don't have any saved documents. Yikes! I'm furiously backing things up when possible.

And I'm busily shopping for a new computer. Bummer, because if I'd only known I needed one, I could have taken advantage of the pre-holiday sales. Now the deals are a little tattered. Plus, I hate buying in a hurry -- I love getting a deal and don't mind hunting for one.

I probably won't be posting here much till I get things resolved. I haven't been doing much writing, although I did finally come up with a draft eulogy for the Bombshell wake.

I hope you all have a lovely and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Jan. 2nd, 2007 06:23 pm (UTC)
Re: New Computer Blues Sounds Familiar
Hi, thanks for the note. You hit the nail on the head -- I'm so used to working on my old computer, and it has all of my files, so switching to another, "better, faster" one isn't very appealing. I'm still working on an ancient version of Microsoft Word, and I'm sure the new one will have all kinds of great features that confuse the heck out of me. I guess I'll treat it like an adventure.

I'm glad you're enjoying the Athena Force books. I'm told by Harlequin that the new Athena series, including CHARADE, might still be released sometime this year, probably in the Fall. So I hope they find a way to do that.

I would love to sell something to Mira!

Thanks again for the message.


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