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eharlequin archives

It feels so strange to see all the Bombshell threads archived at eharlequin. I'm so accustomed to visiting that site and socializing, or just lurking. Now I'm not sure which threads to visit. I check out the challenge blog entries from time to time, and that's fun, but for just checking in, I liked the Bombshelter, and also this month I visited the Wake thread.

Any ideas which threads I could adopt? I saw one about SUPERNATURAL, and that sounded tempting. And I could try hanging out at the Romantic Suspense thread, but did I mention I received TWO rejections from them last week? One for NIGHT ARROW, which just about devastated me. No wonder I got the flu!

I need a new hang-out!! Or better still, I wish they'd just keep the Bombshelter up for another year or so.


p.s. Three posts in one day? I'll stop now. Time to take my NyQuil and go to bed.
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