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As I mentioned previously, Silhouette has been re-thinking the titles for the 12 books in their new ATHENA FORCE continuity. Yesterday, all the authors, including moi-self, received an email giving us the official new list.

Originally, all of the books had one-word titles that were fairly generic: TRUST, DOUBT, SECRETS, MEMORIES, etc

Mine was originally entitled SECRETS. I didn't like that one, so I campaigned for the title VENDETTA (and I believe I detailed that campaign last year on this blog). VENDETTA fit my book sooo well because my heroine has a Sicilian and a mob background, plus, she's feuding on several fronts. However, I was told that VENDETTA was too harsh-sounding, and didn't really fit with the tone of the other names.

Then I proposed CHARADE, and my editor loved it. I was thrilled when she accepted it. Case closed.

Months later, when I heard that they were re-thinking the names, I again suggested VENDETTA, but I was told they wanted the new names to be more romantic. That was okay with me, because I had grown very fond of CHARADE, and I just hoped they'd keep that one. (It seemed romantic to me, so I felt pretty confident)

Yesterday, as I said, the list came out. I was relieved to see that my book -- a.k.a. book #3 -- is still called CHARADE.

But guess what book #4 is now called--- 


You gotta love publishing.

Luckily, CHARADE is a great title and very romantic. And it fits my story well, because the heroine -- who left her mob roots, more or less -- has to pretend to return to that life as part of her undercover assignment.

But since I blogged in the past about wanting VENDETTA as a title, I thought I should forewarn my blog-readers so you don't have a WTF moment. The truth is, had they accepted VENDETTA when I was begging for it, I would have written the book to accentuate that element, maybe even using the word "vendetta" frequently. But when they turned it down, I wrote the story from a "charade" standpoint, and probably only used the word "vendetta" once or twice.

And trust me, as much as VENDETTA is a great title, I do NOT want to re-write that book. It was hard work, I loved the results, and the publisher didn't request any revisions when I submitted my manuscript. For a (lazy) writer like myself, that's a perfect situation -- I'm not about to poke at it.

So all's well that ends well.  Right?



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Mar. 4th, 2007 05:00 am (UTC)
So who wrote Vendetta?
Just curious. Any idea where a list will appear when TPTB decide to make it all nice and neatly public?

Mar. 4th, 2007 05:14 am (UTC)
Re: So who wrote Vendetta?
Hi Penni. According to my most recent info, Meredith Fletcher's book is now called VENDETTA.

I'll try to find out when/where the official info will be released. I have all the titles, but I don't think I have all the author names. Let me see what I can rustle up.

It starts in August, so they'll probably start promoting it, at least a bit, by the beginning of the summer, right? Rachel Caine wrote the first one, so maybe that one will show up on Amazon soon. That's always a fun sign that it's really going to happen!

Mar. 8th, 2007 03:50 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you have a new contemporary release! I can't wait! Do you know if these will be shelved in the regular romance shelves or on the category racks? Ah, no matter. I shall pre-order all of them the first opportunity I get. I'm so excited!

As for the title -- that was kind of a funny/frustrating/smack-in-the-head kind of story. Publishing is such an art form, isn't it? Trying to figure it out is like trying to decipher a baby's babble. Makes no sense sometimes.

And how did we like ROME this week? How about all that sex, eh? They tone down the violence, and what do we get? More sex! That HBO, I tell ya...
Mar. 8th, 2007 04:30 am (UTC)
Re: Woohoo!
Hey Karm, you have a live journal account!

You're right, that story about my almost-title is one for the books (hee hee). Publishing -- can't live with it, can't be published without it. Plus, I'm delighted with CHARADE, so no skin.

I liked ROME, but mostly because it had lots of Antony. I was envious of Octavia till ... well, I shouldn't say since this is a family blog. Meanwhile, she could try to show a little enthusiasm. Although Agrippa's hot too -- but apparently quite a wimp.

Poor Atia.

The truth is, ever since they switched the actor for Octavius, he's been a little sh-t. Did he notice that his sister and his great friend Agrippa were in love?

But adios Servilla -- I'm so glad she's gone. The bore to end all bores.

Thanks for stopping by! And for being excited about my new book. I'm thrilled too. Plus, i heard from RT today that I'll be winning an award at their conference -- lifetime acheivement for romantic adventure. I like the sound of that!

Talk to ya soon.

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