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TV and Movie update

I watched the first three episodes of Lifetime’s new series BLOOD TIES this weekend, and it was absolutely and unexpectedly great. Especially the two-episode opener. If you’re not getting your paranormal fix, try this one. I was hesitant, because Lifetime’s programming isn’t usually to my taste – especially their movies – and I wasn’t sure what to expect here. But so far so good. The one caveat is that I’m afraid it will devolve into a monster-of-the-week show, and those get tiresome.

But in the opener, there is a strong, gutsy, independent female lead who does a great job of drawing you in. Then there’s her ex-boyfriend, who’s an attractive guy and not a jerk, thank God. Then there’s the vampire, and may I just say, yowza.

Great plot too. The pilot and the characters are from Tanya Huff’s Blood series. Nice to see talent recognized!

On a sadder note, HBO’s ROME ended last night. It was clear that they had run out of steam, so maybe it’s just as well, but still I’ll miss it. At it’s best it was magnificent. Remember the glory days? When Caesar was Caesar and Octavian had honor and cachet? Oh well….

The good news is, Entourage is coming back in a few weeks, as is Sopranos. There should be some good stuff there.

Oh, and lest I forget, I finally say Tristan and Isolde. I’ve always adored the story, and in many ways the movie did it justice. Gorgeous scenery. A bit anti-Irish for my taste, but that goes with the territory. They did a wonderful job of highlighting all the parallels between this story and the King Arthur stories.

The one thud note was Tristan. Sheesh, what is it with the clinically-depressed action heroes these days? I don’t mind a sensitive guy, or a moody guy, but I want there to be some charisma to breathe life into the character, not suck it out. Seriously, how did this Tristan ever win a battle? He could barely stand on his own power he was so down. I desperately wanted to love the movie as much as I love the story, but alas, it’s not something I’ll watch again.

That’s my Monday Media report! (Wouldn’t that be a fun idea? But what are the odds? I’m usually very tristan-like on Monday, i.e. no energy. Oh well, maybe I can get someone to take up the cause – Karm?)



p.s. on the writing front, I received the copyedited manuscript for CHARADE this weekend. I haven't peeked at it yet -- full-out denial. I had my husband look, and he assured me the editors were gentle. I'll check it out later today, so if you hear a scream....

p.p.s. I have no idea how to control the font on this blog any more. Sheesh! It's like I need a full-time tech assistant or something.



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Mar. 26th, 2007 05:12 pm (UTC)
Ah, you're making me wish we had cable or satellite
tv. But we never watch what we do have, so I'd still be missing all these shows.

I thought of you this morning. The female host for the morning radio show that I listen to did a spot for a sugar and talked about the bunny cake that her mom used to make for Easter! Sounds like yours. Was that a recipe in some women's magazine that everyone picked up on? hmmmm . . .

Mar. 26th, 2007 05:22 pm (UTC)
Re: Ah, you're making me wish we had cable or satellite
I'm sure you're right, Penn -- it was probably in Good Housekeeping or something, and my mother-in-law saw it along with zillions of other women. But to my husband's family, it's still cherished, which is why I keep trying to do a great job with it (that and the fact that it keeps defying me, and I don't respond well to defiance, even from bunnies)

If BLOOD TIES succeeds, you'll be able to watch the whole first season all at once when it's released on DVD, so let's hope it does well. As I mentioned, the cast is terrific, the writing is great -- the only potential problem is that they had a demon and vampire in the first two, then in the third episode? Zombies. Ugh, is that necessary? So cliche! (I know, I know, so are demons and vampires, but zombies by definition have zero personality, so they make a dull villain, even when they're manipulated by someone more interesting. I feel the same way about mummies, although THE Mummy was a different story -- sexy bad boy)

See you later!
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