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my hero

It seems like I might just be in love with the hero of CHARADE (my October Athena Force book).

Why is this such a surprise? I routinely fall for my heroes, but I thought this one was different. Handsome and sexy, sure, but not really my type. Or so I thought. The plot-line called for a certain kind of guy, and I created him, and liked him a lot. But love?


There are three kinds of fictional guys that I generally fall in fictional love with. Take charge and arrogant (but with a heart of gold, of course)– yum; stubborn and dedicated to a cause, and doggedly trying not to be distracted by me the heroine – I love him; and the charming con man – yowza, I think he’s my favorite.

Jeff Crossman doesn’t fit any of those profiles.

I just finished proofing the galley pages (or what H/S calls the AAs), and to my delight, I was seriously crushing on him, so much that I kept forgetting to proofread. I had to force myself to go back and concentrate on the words instead of him.

He’s the take-charge-with-minimal-gabbing type – no arrogance at all. And since my favorite heroes are usually much more chatty and quip-y, this was a first. The heroine is a wild woman, and I was originally concerned that she’d overshadow him, but surprisingly enough, she gets a little tongue-tied and droolie around him too. I didn’t realize until now that he actually steals a couple of scenes from her! Who’d a-thunk it?

There’s something so decent about Jeff. And isn’t “decent” supposed to equate with “boring”? But apparently not. There’s a sexy edge to his attitude that I love, mostly because he’s in complete control of almost every situation. Well, 99% of the time at least. And in that other 1% -- sigh. That’s fun too. He’s so sincere. And adorable. And determined. And, well…

Yep. I’m officially smitten.

I can’t wait to get some other reactions to him.


P.S. When I say Sasha’s a wild woman, I’m not kidding. Among other things, she’s a dress designer, a Mafia daughter, and an undercover thrill-seeker for the FBI.


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May. 29th, 2007 01:37 pm (UTC)
Charade sounds like fun!
May. 30th, 2007 02:44 am (UTC)
Thanks, May! I never thought I'd bond with CHARADE so much. Since someone else developed the Athena Force continuity plot, it felt a little bit like playing in someone else's sandbox. They even dictated the characters' names to me -- Jeff and Sasha. Probably not the names I would have chosen. They were total strangers!

But I was lucky that I didn't have many continuity plot points in my part, so I had lots of room to develop my own subplots and intrigue. At some point, it became mine, all mine.

I can't wait to see the cover. I think they're depicting the guy and the heroine, as opposed to the old bombshells that usually just showed "her." Should be interesting.

Jun. 1st, 2007 10:02 am (UTC)
hi there, have a great day.

Kate Donovan
Frenchs Forest, Australia
Jun. 1st, 2007 07:16 pm (UTC)
Hey Kate, we finally meet! I'm so glad you dropped by.

Every once in a while, someone writes to my hotmail address by mistake, trying to contact you. I always let them know, and wish them luck finding their Kate.

I'm pretty sure you're their Kate, because their messages start with G'day, Kate... (I love that!)

Keep in touch. I'm katedonovan@hotmail.com.


p.s. Now if we can just meet up with UNICEF Kate and Soccer-star Kate -- our Google name-buddies -- we can have a party.
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