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when bad things happen to good stories

Something really amazing happened this week. I got an idea for a story, and I just sat down and started writing it.

Why is that so blogworthy? Because these days, when I get a new idea, I tend to give it the third degree.

The third degree goes something like this:

Hello, new story, I have a couple of questions for you, so please sit right in front of this blinding white lamp and try to get comfortable. Okay, here we go:

 Which publisher are you targeting?
 Who is your readership – i.e. give me the demographics, dammit!
 How many pages do you think you’ll be?
 Are you a dark paranormal or an erotica? You’re not? Damn you!
 You’re not one of those lightweight, quippy books, are you? Because if you are, just leave now and don’t embarrass yourself.

That in a nutshell is the third degree.

But this new story got a pass. Lucky for it, because it would have gotten all the answers wrong and I never would have given it the time of day. Instead, I’m already in chapter two!

Wish me luck!

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