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What's SPIN?

SPIN is the fictional federal agency that provides the setting/backdrop for some of my Silhouette Bombshell stories. It started out as a stand-alone agency on the East Coast, but now has a West Coast office. And there’s talk of folding it into the FBI, where it would be the SPIN division.

The agency’s function is to provide a broad range of support services to agents in the field. The FBI is their biggest client, although some of the larger metropolitan police departments use them too, as does the CIA, although less frequently.

The “spinners,” as their experts are called, create fake IDs and back-stories for agents who need to go undercover. Depending on the case, these scenarios can become extremely complicated. In one case, a spinner actually created a virtual girlfriend for one of the agents so that the agent could complain about her to a lovelorn suspect who was having girl troubles of his own.

The spinners are also profilers. Not only do they provide insight into possible suspects, but also analyze potential witnesses, identifying weaknesses that can be exploited by the undercover agents.

SPIN also helps set up the ops, and when their over, SPIN sends a clean-up crew where necessary.

The big deal with the spinners is that even though they provide 24-hour phone support for the agents, it’s all anonymous. Each spinner has a code name, and that’s how they’re contacted. No personal info, no personal relationships with the agents. Or at least, that’s the theory. In practice, well…

SPIN was the brainchild of a sexy ex-CIA officer named Ray Ortega, who became the first director. The President of the United States loves SPIN, which gets the agency lots of perks, but also creates problems with the occasional bizarre assignment, and with some degree of benevolent micro-managing.

So far, the SPIN books are IDENTITY CRISIS and EXIT STRATEGY. In September, SPIN CONTROL will be released. Each book has its own self-contained story, but there are continuing minor characters, which makes it especially fun for me, and hopefully fun for you too!

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