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CHARADE (ATHENA FORCE book) excerpt:

An excerpt from CHARADE should be posted on my website on Wednesday of this week or so. Since I'll be out-of-town/at-the-beach, I wanted to mention it now.

I tried something different this time and excerpted Chapter Two. It might be a mistake, since the opening scene of the book is one of my favorites, but I've been seeing some comments online about NOT using Chapter One for various reasons, so I'm giving it a try. We'll see what happens!


On Monday morning, we're going to Monterey, California for a few days. Yay! It's one of my very, very favorite vacation spots, and we go almost every year. If you haven't been, you should put it on your list. There isn't a more beautiful place or better climate on Earth than Monterey. If I could find an excuse to live there, I'd be renting the moving truck today, even if we could only afford a shack on the beach (or maybe especially if we could afford a shack on the beach -- I haven't priced shacks lately so I'm not sure). Anyway, it's the best!


On May 28, I blogged that I had just started a new project, and told you that instead of overthinking it (is it marketable, who's the audience, etc) I just got the idea, sat down, and started writing it. Well, I finished the first draft yesterday! Actually, late last night, after a marathon 56-page writing spree. (Not as spree-ish as it sounds, since I had lots of handwritten notes for those final chapters, but still, yowza -- my shoulders and neck ache like crazy today, but I'm smiling anyway). So the first draft is 425 pages. I'm taking it to Monterey where I will scribble all over it. Then I'll come home, enter the scribbles in the computer, and voila, second draft (which will hopefully be the final except for typos, etc)

The last two months have been so much fun, despite the fact that my day job has been demanding and contentious, because I have had this project to play with on weekends and some random days off. When they say some books just write themselves -- well, this was one of them. I'm going to miss it, I think.

That's it! See you in a week!


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