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More TV

Are you looking for good TV?

I’ve been doing some scouting for us, and here’s my report:

Jekyll on BBC America has been sooo good so far. I think we’ve had three episodes. All were good, and the third was really, really good. Great sign!

Damages on FX is interesting. A little manipulative and violent, but great performances.

Of course, BIG LOVE and Entourage are great on HBO, but they’re almost over. Same with Flight of the Conchords – hilarious but ending soon. (I didn’t like John from Cincinnati – too much like Deadwood, with even less justification – and apparently it’s been cancelled. If they do another Deadwood clone, I’m writing to them!)

I vote “no” on MAD MEN and BURN NOTICE, but they aren’t terrible. Just not my cup. As for RESCUE ME, well, I watch it, but I can’t bring myself to recommend it.

Surprisingly, KILL POINT is good. And I still watch The 4400 (mostly b/c of a misplaced sense of loyalty).

As for Fall, I’m looking forward to the return of SUPERNATURAL and HEROES. And if 24 comes back, I hope it redeems itself. What else? Hmmm… maybe Desperate Housewives, but that’s a long shot. I’m hoping HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER will still be good. And then there’s The Shield – which is excellent, but if you’re just tuning in now, maybe not. Also, if BLOOD TIES comes back, I’ll watch it (not exactly a rousing recommendation, but I liked it).

Clearly, we need more sci-fi. There’s a new one called JOURNEYMAN – it stars one of the centurions from ROME, and I’m not sure about him, hero-wise. We’ll see. It’s time travel, and as you might recall, I’m love-hating that genre at the moment.

We also need more comedy. Will those cavemen save the day? I kinda doubt it.



p.s. I didn’t get to Bourne last weekend but we’ll try again. We’re having a mega-birthday weekend at my house – enchiladas and carrot cake. And speaking of birthdays, hey miladyinsanity!!! Happy Birthday!


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