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why are cheese and carrots the same color?

My husband's birthday is this week, and the celebrating has already begun! Today I'm preparing enchiladas and carrot cake.

So far, the sauce is simmering, and the cake is baking. I make this same meal every year, and every year, I vow to make the cake on a different day next year, but I never do it.

The problem? The carrots and the cheddar cheese. It really throws me off to grate the carrots, and then later, to grate the cheddar cheese (or vice versa). They're the same color, etc, and I always have this irrational fear that I'll accidentally put the cheese in the cake and the carrots in the enchiladas.

Of course that could never happen, but it's a little disorienting to have both items existing in the same time and space. Like asking for trouble.

But since the cake is in the oven, and I'm pretty sure those orange things were grated carrots that I put in the batter, we're safe for this year!


p.s. We went to see Bourne yesterday. It's good, and parts are great. A little light on story, but Matt Damon did a fantastic job, as he did in the first two. Definitely fun to see on the big, big screen.
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