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Seriously, you have to stop kidding yourself. These dudes are smart . The minute they realized that Beta was in, they adjusted.

“You want a little sugar with that ultimatum?” they ask. “You want some conversation with the domination? I can do that. In fact, I can do it better than anyone . Just don’t forget who’s the man, got it?”

If they were truly Neanderthals, they’d be history. Or maybe pre-history. But these guys are able to adapt. In fact, that's what they live for. Or as they like to say: Evolution? Bring it on!

The hero of my current WIP is an Alpha pretending to be a Beta. I saw that right away.

But it wasn’t until today that I realized: Justin Russo is an Alpha too! The hero of SPIN CONTROL, who was also a minor player – sorry, Justin – in ID CRISIS and EXIT STRATEGY – is a freaking Alpha! He schmoozes, he compliments, he talks a girl into submission, but he’s Alpha through and through.

In fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he’s the NEW Alpha.

And even though I thought I was the one who created him, I never knew it until now. Until he had slipped past me, the editor, the line editor, and the copy editor. Worse, he slipped by the heroine!!!


Long live Alpha.



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May. 6th, 2006 04:24 pm (UTC)
Happy Cinco De Mayo!
Just stopping by here to spread a little (belated) Cinco de Mayo cheer! [insert Mariachi music here]

So Justin's alpha eh? I had no doubt in my mind at all. That swagger? That killer smile? That ability to fill a room and make other men disappear in the woodwork? I almost expected him to utter the following line:

"The name's Russo. Justin Russo."

And thinking about it, I realized Justin is my favorite kind of hero: an alpha hiding in beta clothing.
May. 6th, 2006 05:10 pm (UTC)
justin and cinco de mayo
The name's Russo, Justin Russo

I love that!! And I'll bet he's used it a couple of times in bars too.

We love Cinco de Mayo at our house. It's my son's birthday, he has Mexican ancestry, and we live in California where all the right ingredients go on sale during the week of the holiday, so yay!!! It's party time!

Thanks for stopping by! -- Kate
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