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If you come here often, you know I've been recommending BBC/BBC-america's series Jekyll.

Last night was the season finale.

Wow. This show was great from the first episode to the most recent. In my opinion, it was the sharpest thing on TV this year. Yep, better than HEROES. Better than SUPERNATURAL.

It's sci-fi-ish, but also light horror. The humor is biting. The underlying romance is fun and quirky, and surprisingly powerful as time goes on. Every performance is fabulous, especially Dr. Jackman (and Mr. Hyde), and Jackman's wife Claire, who is the most talent female performer on TV today.

If you ever watched the terrific series COUPLING -- always described as a British "Friends" -- you'll be surprised to hear that the same guy who wrote that also wrote Jekyll. Huh? What a great surprise. And what a talent he is too! (Oh and the actress who plays Claire was in COUPLING, so there's a wild connection between the two shows)

If you have some sort of "on demand" cable system, you might be able to watch all of the Jekyll episodes (and Coupling too, fyi). If not, it's worth trying to get the series on DVD, either rent or buy. Definitely worth buying -- I just checked and it's available at deepdiscountdvd, the supplier that feeds my habit. They usually have a 20% discount in November, and I'll buy it then.

That's it! I haven't been blogging because my day job is SEVEN days a week, 10-hours a day lately. Ugh. That will end sometime in September, I'm told. Let's hope so!

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