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CHARADE review

I just heard that Romantic Times magazine loved CHARADE -- yay! And what a relief.

CHARADE received a 4 and 1/2 star rating. I had confidence in it, but still... A Mafia princess and a Eastern European dictator are far afield from the characters I usually create, so a little validation is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Oh, and my author copies arrived too. Now begins the dance. The carton will sit in the entry way, unopened, for a while -- maybe two days. I will circle it warily, or gaze on it fondly, depending on my mood. It's part anticipation, part superstition, and mostly procrastination -- because if it's the wrong book, or the cover is hideous in person, I don't want to know.

I did receive the wrong books once -- those of another author with a release that same month. Very disappointing. Eventually rectified, but I always remember it, thus the circling.

Did you know that once I open it, I will not ever open the book itself, except to autograph some copies? I have never once in my life read any of the pages of my books once they're bound. Why? Because I can't tweak them anymore, and I'm such an eternal tweaker, I just can't look. Plus, if I see a typo or error, I'll go crazy.

Best not to look.

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