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No, my puppies haven’t been breaking into campaign offices or stealing state secrets. They just need to be confined from time to time, because quite frankly, they’re animals.

Technically, Peanut isn’t a pup anymore, and even Parker, at 7 months, is getting to full size. But they’re long haired Chihuahuas (Parker being a very small pom-chi) and so they’re always going to be puppy sized.

Ergo, most pet/child gates don’t work for them. The ones that install permanently – the kind we really need, because you can open/close them like a gate – have slats, and Parker can fit right through.

The pressure mounted ones are okay for the rest of the household, but I’m not very tall, and it’s annoying to have to step over them a thousand times a day, since it requires tiptoes for me. And even for some of them, a determined dog can chew right through, so plastic and even wood aren’t necessarily escape-proof.

I’ve been taking this as a personal challenge, since I stayed home for a few days to finish a book. I figured I could solve so minor a problem in my spare time. So I have surfed the net for hours, but have been unable to find the perfect solution.

I even looked at fireplace screens, thinking that some of those might work. FYI, there are some gorgeous ones out there.

I’ve also tried to convince my husband that it would be simple to build one. From lattice, right? Or sticks and poles and stuff. Or stretchy net and cup hooks? He doesn’t agree that it would be ‘easy,’ and he has begged me not to try it myself while he’s at work, because he has seen my handiwork, and it can get a little odd/disturbing. Thank God I like to write, because if I had channeled my creative urges into remodeling, our brand new home would have been transformed into a fixer-upper within months.

So, any tips?

My dream is to be able to confine the boys to the kitchen most of the time, but that would require blocking a 71-inch opening with a fence like structure and a gate (for me). Right now, we have a Kate-built barrier consisting of a hamper, a bin, and an old gate that lost its pressure-mountedness (long story, blame Parker). This can’t go on. It’s not only unsightly, but Parker is eyeing it the way he eyes things-that-need-to-be-marked.

Sheesh… it’s a good thing they’re so cute.



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Oct. 22nd, 2007 08:23 pm (UTC)
My dad's girlfriend uses one of those screens that people used to change behind, she uses that to block her two dogs from her kitchen.
Oct. 22nd, 2007 10:49 pm (UTC)
That's a great idea! I'm sure I've seen a couple of those at Pier One. And I love having an excuse to go there.

I wonder if they have a one that the dogs can see us through, so they don't feel left out. Something lattice-y would be perfect.

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