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TESTING 1-2-3.....

There’s a good reason some writers live vicariously through their fictional characters when it comes to meeting strangers, embarking on new experiences, talking in public. It doesn’t matter how shy or introverted or cautious the author is by nature – she can have all of those extrovert-type experiences just by creating an outgoing character.

I’m one of those authors, which means, of course, that blogging is counterproductive, because I can’t hide behind my characters in this public forum. So we’ll see what happens. These first few entries are just tests anyway, since I’m not even sure it will work, and even if the words actually do show up in cyberspace, it’s likely no one will know, since I haven’t advertised this new experiment yet (not even to my family and close friends).

So it’s just a test. That makes it so much simpler. I’ll just blog about two very safe subjects for a while: my writing ups-and-downs, and my TV watching. I’m pretty sure that anyone who intentionally visits this blog will be here for information about my books or my writing process. And for those who visit by accident, well, let’s hope you watch TV!

First up, the Sopranos, which returns tonight after a very, very long break. I really liked this show its first few seasons, and I’m so impressed by the genius of the writers, I keep watching, even though it didn’t work well for me the last few seasons. I’m not really the target audience for the show, so I doubt whether my waning interest would bother the writers. I’m going to stick with it till the end (which I understand is later this year) because of a blend of respect, nostalgia, hope and stubbornness. Plus, good writing is good writing – when you find it, you’ve got to keep track of it.

As for hope, there are some parts of the show that could still draw me back in – Christopher, the psychiatrist, and maybe the two kids, because I’d like to see how their father’s world shapes them as they become adults. I lost interest in the Mafia guys other than Christopher. Tony – who seemed to have layers and conflicts – now just seems like a thug, bully, murderer to me. And maybe, that’s the writers’ point – we can try to glamorize these guys, but they’re really just selfish, irredeemable thugs.

Anyway, I’ll be watching. There’s a Sacramento Kings game on tonight, but it should be over by then. I’ll also watch Charmed and tape Desperate Housewives. And since we forgot to tape The Shield this week, we’ll catch the re-run tonight.

That’s my test TV report! As for my writing report, I’m finishing up a proposal today. A proposal, for those who aren’t sure, is a synopsis and three chapters. I’ve actually had these chapters done for a while, but for reasons that I’ll discuss/bemoan at a future date, I’ve had to change the season of the opening from Spring to Winter, so all my characters have to move indoors and/or wear warmer clothes. That’s not much of a re-write, but I still have to sit down and do it before I can mail this off. So that’s what I’ll be doing until the Kings game starts.

Bye for now. ~ Kate


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Mar. 13th, 2006 06:23 pm (UTC)
Welcome to the Blogging World!
Hi Kate, welcome to blogging! When I started, I was planning on maybe doing it once a week. But I've since found that I just loved doing it and it really helped me with my writing output (as in, "Oh no, gotta write today! Can't have a "no progress" report on my blog tomorrow!"). I've added you to my sidebar.

Mar. 15th, 2006 03:29 am (UTC)
Re: Welcome to the Blogging World!
Thanks, Karm. You're my blogging mentor!

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