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Back From Maui

I love my house, my friends, my family, and even (sometimes) my job, but oh, I did not want to come home. I wanted to buy the condo unit that we rented and just stay forever. Luckily, cooler heads and empty wallets prevailed.

I did come home to a bit of wonderful news. My Athena Force book CHARADE has been awarded a Reviewer's Choice Award by cataromance.com! What a thrill. I'm so grateful to the folks at cataromance, not just for the award, but for promoting category romance in general the way they do.

As for Maui, well, what can I say? We saw whales -- lots and lots of them. Right up close and personal, thanks to some very "crafty" sailors who took us right to the legal limit. The star of the show was a humpback who swam right up to our boat and jumped out of the water, giving us a show and more. Wow.

These whales were so plentiful, we could spot them from the balcony of our hotel!

I didn't snorkel. I love to swim, but with the fishes? Get real. I'm with Lucca Brazzi on that one. But the water was so clear, I could see a lot of what the snorkelers saw -- pretty fish, lovely coral, and some of the ugliest and most scary sea turtles you can imagine. Why anyone would want to be in the water with them is beyond me.

I had a great time. I'll try to post some whale pictures soon.



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Jan. 20th, 2008 10:58 am (UTC)
Oh, gee, the one time I've been to Hawaii we went snorkeling and it was *killing* me that I didn't have scuba gear and so couldn't dive down to join the sea turtles as they went swimming below us! I *love* those things. I must have all your love for them plus my own. :)

Man, I want to go back there!
Jan. 20th, 2008 07:12 pm (UTC)
You would have loved these turtles. They not only swam right up to the snorkelers (a.k.a. my husband and my brother-in-law), they actually came to the surface and eyeballed me where I was sitting on the edge of the sailboat. They definitely wanted to play.

This spot was called a turtle cleaning station. Apparently, strange little fish are there, waiting to nibble at all the paraphernalia the turtles have accumulated at sea. So the turtles were in particularly good moods.

I just don't like the whole idea. For me, I am here, the turtles are over there. That's how I like it, and I imagine most right-minded turtles agree!

Jan. 22nd, 2008 05:17 pm (UTC)
Oh, welcome back
We were in Belize oh gosh almost 9 years ago now and I was afraid to pet the stingray. I've regretted it since. Must go back . . .

Jan. 23rd, 2008 12:49 am (UTC)
Re: Oh, welcome back
There are two good reasons NOT to pet a stingray:

1. Sting
2. Ray

Don't go back.

Sheesh, do I have to go on vacation with all of you just to prevent mauling?
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