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Tess Gerritsen

I was crushed to hear that author Tess Gerritsen has decided to stop blogging for a while. As you can tell from the short list on my sidebar, hers is a blog I gladly recommend to my readers. After visiting it on a weekly-or-so basis for a couple of years (at least until recently, when my world went south), I became convinced that she is a genuinely wonderful person – intelligent, sensitive, compassionate, talented, generous, charming and honest. And pretty funny too.

Her blog posts usually served several functions: to give a glimpse of her as a person and as a writer; to chronicle the evolution of her current work in progress, from genesis to title to marketing plan; and to allow us an inside view of the publishing biz. Anyone who is an aspiring author, or a published but struggling one, or even a bestselling author like Tess, could find camaraderie, advice, and a kindred spirit. And readers could also enjoy that inside view of a different career, while also having their appetites whetted. Especially fun for readers is/was the fact that Tess tries something different with almost every book, and from reader reactions, it appears that for each one of those books, there’s a dedicated subgroup of Tess Gerritsen fans that regard that particular book as her very, very best. In other words, something for everyone.

Very cool.

I’m leaving the link up in the sidebar, partly in hopes that Tess will start blogging again soon, but also so that you can find it if you haven’t yet discovered it on your own. Take the time to read a few months’ worth of posts, and I defy you to remain unimpressed. In addition to all of the qualities I listed above, you’ll find she’s also very brave – brave enough to have put herself out there, trusting that the genuineness of her words would touch us. And they did.

So I don’t agree with those who say that closing her blog is a sign of weakness or a lack of courage. Are you kidding me?

And for those who call her thin-skinned, well, you know how I feel about that. It’s one of my favorite qualities in an author! *

So read her blog. Oh, and of course, read her books and find your own favorite!

* I ranted about the “thick-skin” issue back in June of 2006. Since then, I’ve gotten even more ranty about it because those who demand that quality of us are so truly short-sighted, and sometimes hypocritical. You want an author with a thick skin? One who doesn’t react deeply – maybe even overreact – to life’s hurts? You want our writing to be sensitive, moving, etc? So, how do you expect us to find that within ourselves if we were so tough? Sheesh… I for one don’t want to read the work of a truly thick-skinned author. Be thin-skinned, but ultimately resilient. Feel it deeply, then recover as quickly as possible. That’s the most that can be asked.

P.S. As you know, I’m not a paid member of livejournal. The free membership only offers limited links on the sidebar. At first, I was bummed about that, but I’ve come to appreciate it, because as time goes on, I find I don’t want to recommend blogs – even ones that I personally visit and enjoy daily – unless I feel comfortable with their regular commenters as well as the bloggers themselves. There’s just too much volatility and obnoxiousness in some communities, and while I can choose to visit (and leave quickly or watch with morbid fascination when it gets ugly) I would hate to refer one of my readers to a volatile blog on a day when something ugly just happens to be unfolding in the comment section. So I’m actually grateful to livejournal for limiting me (and of course, grateful that they host me for free at all!)



Jun. 8th, 2008 09:01 pm (UTC)
Identity Crisis
Hi Jeanette,

Do you have an email account? If you do, send me an email at my hotmail address and we’ll see about getting you a copy of Identity Crisis. I think you’ll enjoy Exit Strategy and Spin Control more if you read them in order.

I tried to write them as stand-alone books, just in case one or more became unavailable, but still, Identity Crisis is worth reading. It’s the first of the SPIN books, and arguably the most unusual, or at least, it seemed unusual when I started writing it and was afraid it would never sell because it was a little quirky. I’ll always be amazed and grateful that Silhouette took a chance on it for their Bombshell line – and then bought two more in the series! Everyone seems to think Exit Strategy was the best, and I suppose I think so too, but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Identity Crisis.

katedonovan @ hotmail dot com (just take out the spaces and make the “dot” a “.”)

P.S. Your client is very lucky to have you in his life.

P.P.S. If you had asked me ten years ago if I loved being a lawyer as much as being a writer, I would have said “no” very quickly. These days, I have to really think about it – not because I love writing less, but because I’ve had some very rewarding moments as a lawyer, and I’ve come to appreciate it more than I used to. I’ve always loved the theoretical part of law, but I resisted the practical applications, probably because I didn’t think I’d be too good at those parts. But oddly enough, I really love having clients and giving them concrete advice that helps them. Maybe I grew into it or something.

But if I could be a full-time writer, I’d do that in a second. After all, I would still be able to create characters who are attorneys, and that way, I would still get to play lawyer in my head – the best of both worlds!
Jun. 8th, 2008 11:18 pm (UTC)
Re: Identity Crisis

Of COURSE, my client is fortunate. I tell him that EVERY day. Just kidding......

Thank you for your thoughtful gesture of finding Identity Crisis for me. You should have trusted that an Athenian would find it, tho. It shall be winging it's way to me by morning...hehehe....

Thank God I am almost late for work. I thought of at least ten questions about your comments about lawyering vs writing. Yikes but that was close.......whew!!......

Which came first, the lawyering or writing? Inquiring minds has gotsa know, dontcha know??

Jun. 9th, 2008 04:05 am (UTC)
Re: Identity Crisis
Which came first? It depends if you count the "girl detective" books I wrote in grade school and junior high. In those days, I actually wanted to be a librarian -- can you imagine being around all those books, all day long? Sigh...

Somehow I stumbled into law school, and after I graduated and passed the bar, I went to work for a legal publishing company, writing articles about groundbreaking cases, and analyzing/summarizing different areas of law, especially constitutional law. It was a good job, and the best part was, they let me work from home when my children were born, so I was able to juggle work and kids without leaving the house. I started writing stories again, and eventually got a few published, thus leading to dreams of full-time writing. Alas, I didn't quite accomplish that yet, so I ended up getting a "real" lawyer job, and that's been good for me. For one thing, it forced me out into the world, and to my surprise, I've survived!

I can't wait to hear how you like the SPIN books.

Jun. 9th, 2008 02:07 pm (UTC)
I am extremely aggravated as I just mailed a wonderful plot twist that I had going on in my mind about Nikko and Niski and can't figure out how to use this blasted LiveJournal!....ack....

Anywho, I think that Nikko and Niski should help Sasha escape from the general's evil clutches. He, of course, is livid at the deception and sent his sister to kidnap Sasha. Niski has overheard their dastardly plot and implores Nikko to help as it is Sasha who garnered the permission for them to get together.

SSSSSSoooooo, they somehow get word to Teal and she comes in and helps kick some tail! I have no idea who Teal's romantic interest is. Maybe a secret operative who has been covertly infiltrated with the general for years....*delicious shiver*.....


P.S. Oh, yeah, I was sposed to be commenting about THIS posting, eh? LOL

P.S.S. What does it feel like to see something that came from your heart, gracing shelves and entertaining millions. Inquiring minds and all that.....
Jun. 10th, 2008 03:02 am (UTC)
Re: Nikko/Niski
LOL, that's a good one!
Jun. 11th, 2008 01:34 pm (UTC)
Re: Nikko/Niski
Okay, Kate, I thought of another plotline.....

Niski overhears the general's sister plotting Sasha's demise. After a torrid embrace with Nikko, hehe, she tells him about it and wonder what they coud do. The general will track Sasha down as she was sold out by one of the mafia families who were angered at her speech and the mafia folk decided to take down her dad so are working with the general and his sis to do so.

Meanwhile, Sasha and Jeff have about three or four of aforementioned, torrid scenes, and......*shrug*....no real plot, just wanting Sasha/Jeff to have a bit of fun after all their death ducking and such.

Of course, Jeff now get's kidnapped and Teal gets wind of it and grab a coupla Athenians and go on the rescue hunt. Am still waiting for a good cutie for Teal. Will take a strong man to deal with her gifts.

N-E-Way, not sure how they get him back to Kestonia...hhmmm....probably fooled him by saying they had Sasha. And, it would be plausible as she is out of town visiting her dad or something..........

to be continued.......
Jun. 11th, 2008 11:23 pm (UTC)
An even better one....

I just thought of a WONDERFUL plot.....

Arachne somehow finds out about how Sasha's mom really died and decides to have some fun with Athenians, once again. She masterminds a plot to kidnap Sasha's daughter and frames her father's rival for the dastardly deed. Arachne makes it out to be that, indeed, revenge will be meeted out on a daughter and bloodline of Sasha's dad.

Meanwhile, Jeff is angry at Sasha for not cutting ties with her father, knowing that he is still not legit and Jeff is mad that his daughter is caught up in the mafia scene after he has gone to great lengths to keep her away from such things. Some wonderful angst betwixt Sasha/Jeff ensues for half the book, along with all kinds of action scenes trying to get the daughter back.

Arachne has also blackmailed the general into helping and that's how Niski finds out where Sasha's daughter is as Nikko confesses to her and expresses his sadness over having to help destroy Sasha and her family, seeing as how Sasha brought he and Niski together. Niski manages to find out where Sasha is at some big gala and gets word to her. Teal gets to rescue Sasha/Jeff's daughter. How delicious and ironic, eh?.......a lovely twist and completion of a circle....

*J pats herself on the back, believing she has come up with a winner*....
Jun. 12th, 2008 01:31 am (UTC)
Re: An even better one....
I'm picturing Sasha and Jeff's little girl -- darling, and of course, mischevious. What a cutie!

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