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blogging at eHarlequin

I blogged yesterday at eH's paranormal romance blog about my Nocturne Bite (but really about something else: how many fabulous things would have to happen to you before you stopped being giddy and started realizing there might be a price for all this bliss?)

It was supposed to be the perfect blogging day, b/c I was scheduled to take the day off. But my job is so nuts, I ended up in the office the whole day, and missed the fun. So if you see this today, let me know -- it's all new to me!

And an update on Terminator -- wow. I do NOT understand all of the bad reviews. We finally saw it today and I adored it. Sure, I went in with low expectations, but still... If you're a Terminator aficionada, you won't be disappointed.



Jun. 21st, 2009 04:43 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you and mrsgiggles made positive comments about it! I would have seen it eventually anyway, but with the general panning it got, I probably would have waited until later in the summer.

Instead, the very things that the critics disliked about it were the things that make it special! Not enough Christian Bale? I thought the balance of him versus the Marcus plot was so perfect. The men vs machine theme -- I thought this version actually imbued it with new life. And the special effects were good.

In other words, a perfect Terminator movie -- advancing the franchise without getting mired into a formula.

Hmmm.... I wonder what time it's showing today. I was going to clean, but....

Thanks for stopping by!

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