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what's next? writing wise, that is

It's here again– the smorgasbord of tempting delights. Not only are there six projects screaming “pick me! pick me!” but there are the other lurkers, the ones I’ve filed away for whatever reason, but that are ready to pop back out and into contention at a moment’s notice.

 It’s a tougher choice than usual this time because my day job is keeping me so busy, I really can’t work on more than one story at a time. Usually, I have a couple going, in various stages of completion (daydream, rough notes, proposal, first draft, etc) but realistically, if I try to divide my time between projects, nothing will get done.

Given my fascination with all things space-opera these days,  a second novella in the SPACE FEVER universe is the logical choice. A fun choice too, since the plot is taking rapid shape. It even has a working title! (The Zentress -- once you've read SPACE FEVER, you'll get it...)

Meanwhile, all of my suspense and historical ideas are filed away, but the paranormals and time travels are like Baby – they will not be put in a corner.

 I’ll let you know who wins! Also, check back soon because I’m going to launch a new contest in honor of SPACE FEVER.


 P.S. Have you noticed that I haven’t done a movie review since I changed my blog theme to this popcorn thing? Sheesh, it’s like I cursed myself. Maybe I’ll make it to SHUTTER ISLAND this weekend. Or at least rent something from Redbox!


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