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you say po-tay-to, and I say......

You say po-tay-to, and I say po-tay-to, and everyone says po-tay-to, b/c it’s correct

 Since I have another e-book coming out in less than two weeks, I’m watching the market with interest, which is why I followed a link to Publishers Weekly the other day for an article about an e-book company that will be releasing paper copies soon as well.

Except PW didn’t call them paper copies. Or paperbacks. They called them p-books. Like e-books, get it?

It was distracting. And the lone comment to that article shared my pain. The comment pleaded with the industry, the public, the world, not to start calling paper books p-books.

 I didn’t leave a comment b/c frankly, it’s a jungle out there. And they might have made me join some club, or subscribe or something. So I’m expressing my heartfelt view here.

 Let’s not start calling them p-books. It doesn’t really make much sense. Electronic actually starts with something of a long-E sound, so it works there. Plus, electronic is a long word. Paper? Not so much.

 There is already an acronym for mmpb – mass market paper back. Not paper book, paper back. That one doesn't bother me so much because it’s an acronym, and I work in the an acronym hot zone (Medicaid, where the SMDL on the DRA has CHIP ramifications, and so on forever)

 Please, no p-book. We’re begging you. P-back might be okay, but as you know, p-back is a bitch, so be careful!


p.s. I'm still trying to come up with a new movie review. We rented 3 last weekend: WHIP IT, 2012, and INFORMANT! 
Informant! was okay -- I think the pacing was off, at least for me. 2012 was terribly cliched and terribly everything else. And Whip It was a little too cute for my taste. So I'll try again this weekend. We might go to SHUTTER ISLAND tomorrow. Woo hoo!

Have a fun weekend,


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