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New Year’s Resolutions

  • Spend less time mindlessly reading internet articles and blog posts (especially the accompanying comment threads). I wish I could blame my current problem on the iPad2 and the MacAir, but it’s been going on for much longer. Mindless browsing is definitely more convenient now that I have lighter implements, but my heavy Dell laptop fed the habit for a long, long time.
  • Spend more time making blog posts and updating my website.
  • Hang up all the artwork we’ve acquired (mostly posters) over the years. For example, when we bought our current house, we decided to make one room a media room, so I bought cool posters of The Godfather, Jaws, and some other blockbusters. That was 11 years ago, and they are still just tacked to the wall – the definition of tacky.  We also have some posters from art exhibits, most recently the Olmec exhibit in San Francisco, similarly displayed. Sheesh… Oh, and P.S., the “media room” is more of a storage room, and sadly, one of the things stored in there is the exercise bicycle. I’ll save that one for next year’s Resolution list.
  • Spend less daydreaming, more actually writing the stories down on paper or into the computer. This is a trap I fall into quite frequently -- fun but not productive, so it's gotta stop.

 Good luck with your resolutions! I hope one of them involves something enjoyable. I’m sure you’ve earned it. Sadly, I need to be tough on myself because I think I enjoyed 2011 a little too much. It was a good year, that’s for sure, and came on the heels of some really sad, stressful times, so I don’t begrudge myself the fun. But now, time to crack the whip, at least for a week or two!



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