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The Problem with Cleaning

We all know the basic problem – that whatever you clean will inevitably get dirty again, and the odds of dirtyness go up as soon as you clean something (my favorite is our kitchen floor. If I just mop it, no problem. But if I scrub it until it glistens, I will absolutely spill, drop, etc within 2 to 24 hours)

But in my case, there’s another, more confounding phenomenon. The background is that I actually love to clean, more so as therapy than aesthetically. Sure, things can get untidy around my place, and in particular my office, which serves as something of a hub, since I do a lot of my lawyering from that room, plus my writing, plus miscellaneous (hiding presents, wrapping presents, storing boxes of photos and receipts, and bubble wrap, and “research” articles from pseudo-science websites…). All of which leads to piles and piles of stuff. And so, while my office isn’t dirty by any means (there’s no surface upon which dirt could land!) it’s enormously unwieldy.

In the rest of the house, it’s mostly the junk mail that kills us. But in any case, it’s not spotless, and not by a long shot.

So I always look forward to cleaning. If I’m planning a vacation, I build in time for some ambitious tasks, like finding a new place to store bedding; or filing all the unfiled/defiled; or organizing the pantry. I want to do these things. Otherwise, I just can't wait to attack a stain, a stack of dishes, or a dusty shelf.

But as soon as I start cleaning, I start plotting. I blame Cinderella, because I tend to clean in character. Doesn't everyone? Plus, the simple act of cleaning frees up parts of your brain that haven’t had a good airing in weeks. Especially if an author is cleaning her office, and runs into a scribbled note about a future plot.  She wants to file that note in a filing cabinet – she really does – but first, she needs to make a couple of extra scribbles on it.

And the next thing you know, you’re not cleaning anything, you’re writing a book.

I tell myself this happens to everyone. Please do not disabuse me of that notion!

Have a great afternoon,

Kate (who has taken off the rubber gloves halfway through Murphy’s Soaping a cabinet, because it’s tough to type with gloves on, and she just got a great idea….)

p.s. Livejournal is wonky today, and won't let me spell check. I'm sure there are tons of ways I could correct for this, but I'll just post, okay? After all, I have tagged this as 'silly' for a reason. Sorry for the errors!


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Feb. 1st, 2012 09:26 am (UTC)
This is much like the Shower Syndrome, in which the moment I get in the shower I am assaulted by plot bunnies, as if they fall from the showerhead like water.

It's lovely to see a post from you! Hi! :)
Feb. 3rd, 2012 12:45 am (UTC)
plot bunnies!
I love that description. Love the family portrait too!
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