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Gone Fishing

No, not I.

It’s Paul who left this morning on his annual houseboat fishing trip. He and his buddies from high school [and beyond] have a full week of fishing and playing poker. Yay for them.

And yay for me, because in my version of this annual event, I take the week off from my law job,  wear pajamas, eat cereal/fruit, drink diet Pepsi, and write, write, write. It’s Lord of the Flies, Kate style. 

No schedule, no plan – but unbelievably productive since I can indulge my natural write/sleep rhythms. And meanwhile, no TV – that notorious but lovely time waster. Not even my favorite shows like Once Upon A Time or Game of Thrones.  Not this week.**

No doubt I’ll finish PerfectSpecimen II – I’m on the edge of my seat on that one. Then I’ll indulge any-and-all story whims until I hear the garage door opener.

Will I miss my guy? Will he miss me?  Hmmm, I know the politically correct answer, but the truth is, it’s just one week a year. And we each have a great time. So I’ll just say we always love the reuniting part, and we can’t have that without the temporary gone-ness.


**While DVR’ing them of course! I can only be so tough. The fact is, I never watch TV alone, since for me TV is a social activity. I also won’t usually eat alone, not even at the house, but I make exceptions during Houseboat Week. We can’t DVR meals yet, right? Wouldn’t that be cool?

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