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Writing update

I finished the draft for Perfect Specimen II last Friday with the intent of revising over the weekend, but then the line edits for the next Retro historical landed, so between editing and moon-watching, I'm just now settling down to read Brietta’s story.

There are some odd notes-2-self jotted on the pad beside my computer. This is what they say:

  • Lightning
  • Cave paintings
  • Mt Ararat
  • Cell phones

This is what they mean:

  • Since lightning plays a role late in the story, it would be nice if I at least mentioned the weather at earlier points (weather is my equivalent of Seinfeld’s Newman… grrrr)
  • The hero’s last archaeological dig was a cave with prehistoric painting, and I need to shore that up or drop it
  • Mt Ararat is in the vicinity of the new dig, i.e. visible from the window of the plane at one point before they landed.  I haven’t decided just how close to make it though – for now I’ve just glossed over the issue, but it definitely needs more glossing if not some actual factoids to support it
  • There’s no cell phone service at the dig. I’ve been assuming everyone guessed that without me saying it, but sheesh, it only takes a sentence, right?

I’m sure I’ll encounter other tweaks as I read through it, but for now, I’m feeling pretty good, because those are all so simple. This story truly wrote itself – I know we say that a lot, but for this one, it’s truer than ever.


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