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Update on previous Writing Update

So a few days ago I predicted that Perfect Specimen II only needed four tweaks – weather, mountain, cave paintings, and something else that slips my mind at the moment.

Four tweaks? Make that four zillion! It was fun reading the first draft, and the early pages were smooth sailing, but after that – hmm, how can I put this? It was just a typical (for me) rough draft after all, needing fine tuning throughout and some serious work on a few scenes.

Luckily the bones were good – solid and (hopefully) unpredictable plot; workable pacing; fun characters. But like many novella-length stories, it suffered from too-much-detail/not-enough-detail syndrome.

Case in point – as archaeologists, these characters have immersed themselves in legends, myths, etc, and when they’re sitting around base camp in the middle of nowhere after dinner, they tend to spin some pretty great tales. I tried to capture the flavor of that, and probably spent a disproportionate amount time on it, considering I’m trying to keep it to novella, not epic, length.

So while it pained me to do it, I cut a couple of stories within the story. Ouch, there’s no ectomy worse than a tale-ectomy. (yes, I also ectomied bad puns like that from the draft, so no worries)

The good news is, even though the edits took a whole day rather than a breezy couple of hours, the new draft looks pretty cool.

I just printed it out, and now I’m going to read it. Here's hoping I’m really, truly at the tweaks-only stage this time!

p.s. My horoscope today said to be businesslike. Maybe tomorrow the stars will have mercy!

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