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It’s so hilarious when folks take a firm position on the issue of: Are writers insane to say their books are their babies?

Because of course books aren’t babies. Then again, they absolutely are. Which means there’s no “right” answer, there’s just an enigma wrapped in a receiving blanket and surrounded by an eye-roll.

My position? The story is very much like a baby – you conceive it, you gestate it, you become invested in it because you see parts of your hopes, dreams, self in it, and so forth. Is it really like a human child? Nope. But it engenders the same feelings on a lesser level. Like the chihuahua in the thumbnail accompanying this post. You think you love it as much as a child in certain circumstances, even though you know darned well you don’t. Good clean fun, right?

 To continue the analogy, the story may be a baby, but the book itself is like the adult child. You reluctantly (gratefully, relievedly) cede control to the entity, and to outside forces, and just hope you instilled enough of your own personal best into it/her/him that it will flourish. It’s not about you any longer, it’s about the book/person.

Seriously, why am I obsessing about this? Because I was recently asked which of my mail-order-bride books was my favorite. I have some distance from those stories because I wrote them ten years ago, even though they’re being re-released now in e-book format (thanks again, Heidi Moore and Samhain Publishing!!).

So anyway, I blithely started putting those books in order.

Then the “mom” in me came out to play. Sure, Carried Away has the best heroine and probably the best dialogue (which I love). But Meant to Be has the best hero … oh wait a minute, he’s not the best, he’s just my favorite… oh wait a minute, that’s not true either. I love Daniel to distraction. And Aengus is perfect. And Jack is so adorable and Coburn is so hot and overcame so many obstacles –

See what I mean? Plus, I don’t really think Erica was the “best” heroine, just the most entertaining. Suzannah is certainly entertaining too, not to mention, the most innocently fun. And Noelle’s amazing. And Maggie from Night After Night is subtly hilarious, and would have been even more entertaining if her life hadn’t been marred with tragedy, so….

We don’t rank our children – mostly because it can't be done! How do you compare perfect to perfect? – so why should we rank our stories (or apparently, our books). However, I can tell you that my children are my children, and my books don’t matter one bit compared to them. Beyond that, I plead insanity.


p.s. Don’t get me started on the paranormals and the science-y ones. I swore for years that the Dream books were the "story of my heart" and soul. But guess what? I love  Mech Girl  to death – death I tell you! And there’s a time travel  I’ve been working on forever that owns me. I almost hope I never finish it, because I want it to stay with me, wrapped in the receiving blanket, and never, ever leave me … my Precious….

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