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Since I’m writing stories about alien abduction lately, it seems only fair to reveal whether I believe it’s actually going on, or at least, is a very real possibility. ***

So let’s look at it logically. Do we really think Earth is the only planet with some form of life?  The evidence is fairly staggering that – at a minimum – there must be an ice planet (or moon) out there somewhere with some sort of simple, single-celled or microbial life, right? It might rely on methane or some other carbon/non-carbon compound, but still…

So yes, odds are, there’s some form of life somewhere on some other planet.

If life exists somewhere else, there are probably lots of somewheres with lots of different forms of life.  If so, then odds are, there are life forms much simpler than ours, and other life forms that are more complex or at least, more advanced.

If some advanced cultures exist, and some of their life forms have mastered deep space travel, they are almost certainly curious about other life forms. Because intelligence=curiosity in my book (no pun intended).

So there we have it: advanced forms of life that are curious and have mastered space travel. They would seek out other life à la Star Trek, wouldn’t they?

And here we are, ready to be sought out. It’s a big universe,possibly side-by-side with lots of big universes, so we might not be on the radar. But I have tremendous confidence in that regard. We certainly make enough noise with all our airwave stuff. So we’ve done what we can to attract them, yes?

Would they choose to live among us in order to study us? Or would they be more likely to abduct us?

I’m thinking they’d abduct first. For one thing, they might not be able to breathe or otherwise survive/operate here, right?  It would be easier to create a mini-environment for a radically different species aboard their ship than adapt themselves to our hostile, alien environment – not just for survival but appearance purposes.

So sure, they’d use abduction.  Once they know more about us, they might infiltrate us, destroy us, make friends with us, or so on. They might even find us completely unremarkable and snub us.

As far as the abductions go, are they nice about it? Hmm, I’m a huge believer that the more civilized the culture, the more respectful they are of other life, other cultures – in theory at least. Ironically, if they are too much more advanced than us, we might seem inconsequentially insect-like to them, and you know how we treat insects (and even complex mammals like chimps!) so that’s a tough one.

For me, the bottom line is: are they benevolent? Logical? Desperate? Predatory? That’s the issue, and that explains the approach I take in PERFECT SPECIMEN. I think the advanced culture – if any – that makes first contact with us probably has a mission that is a bit more pointed than just 'seeking out new life and new civilizations.’ After all, someone has to fund their trips, right? And unless they really re-invented society, those funds come from politicians and capitalists and other greed-ish financiers. We can only hope that scientists play a huge role in designing the mission as well, because scientists in any world will have some level of respect for life – or at least, some aversion to waste or needless destruction.

Of course, the extraterrestrial scientists in PERFECT SPECIMEN can be cruel, but it’s all about the experiment to them, not just wanton mayhem. Unless we foil their plan, or hurt them, and then they can be just as vindictive and vengeful as anyone else – so let’s hope my characters don’t hurt them or foil their plans!!


*** I remember when my first time-travel story was released. Almost immediately, a reader asked if I’d had any personal experience with time travel. And other such inquiries followed over the years.

Similarly, when the Dream books were released, a lot of people asked if I believed in magic. So I figure, alien abduction is the next “probing” question  ö  ouch

Full disclosure, I believe time travel is absolutely, 100% possible. I believe in ghosts, séances, etc. Good versus Evil? Check. Magic in some form –i.e. science above our pay grade – yep.  And don’t get me started on telepathy, premonitions and the like...

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