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Last week’s theme: Shadows!

DARK SHADOWS: we saw the movie last Tuesday and I liked it more than expected. The first half is great – wonderful storytelling and some hilarious bits. Worth seeing at the theater. The second half dragged in my opinion, relying more on visual effects and less on dialogue than the first. The performances of course were outstanding throughout. Definitely my favorite Tim Burton film. Disclaimer: I haven’t generally been a fan of his films (but I’ve always wanted to be a fan, so he did me a favor with this one -- thanks, Tim!)

Shadow of Venus:  yes, Venus transited across the face of the sun on Tuesday afternoon, and I bravely donned my cardboard and plastic protective eye-ware again. It helped to know that my retinas survived the eclipse a few weeks ago. Of course, I was still careful – just a few long glimpses amid long periods of cowering. Anyway, it was soooo cool. Better than the eclipse in many ways, not just because it’s rarer, but there was something awe-inspiring about that tiny black micro-dot on the face of so huge a star. Just amazing, really.

Hmm… I guess shadows weren’t really the theme for the whole week, just for Tuesday. But it was such a great day it helped prop up the rest of the week, which wasn’t so good. Trouble with book stuff and trouble with my new/old/new job as an attorney.

It’s so annoying when both careers are acting up at the same time, because usually, if the lawyering gets on my nerves, I just start a new book; and conversely, when publishing gets on my nerves, I remind myself that I can always confine my writing to pleasure (i.e. just dream the stories up in my head and not bother writing them down) because I can fall back on the law stuff for food and such, especially since it actually pays better anyway.

But when both go wrong, I start wishing I had been a meteorologist instead of a lawyer and a writer.

It’s my very favorite fantasy. Think about it – meteorologists are wrong all the time. They say it will snow, and then it turns out to be sunny. They predict a calm day, then gale force winds appear. They really just don’t know, and are pretty unapologetic about it. In fact, they always look like they’re having a great time, and let’s face it, the subject matter is fascinating. So no matter how much goes wrong, I imagine them just laughing it off and saying: That’s meteorology for you, LOL!

That philosophy doesn’t work so well for law. Imagine an attorney saying: “Really? You can’t deduct that? My bad! I hope you packed your toothbrush because you’re headed for prison, LOL.”

And while it can often work for writing – “That cover is so ugly, it might actually attract readers like a train wreck would, LOL”– it’s easy to get overwhelmed by negative stuff if you’re not careful.

But meteorology? That’s the dream.


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