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During winter, I blamed all my TV watching on the weather. Now I’m forced to admit that there’s just been a lot of good stuff these days. And I’m weak. Oh, and that darned Mac Airbook allows me to double-screen to my heart’s content.

I should also admit that I’ve been watching some not-so-good stuff, but I’ll save that for a future post because I need to rant about THE KILLING, and I don’t want it to ruin my TV high.

So let’s get right to the good stuff – did you watch THE HATFIELDS AND THE MCCOYS? It’s a History Channel miniseries about the famous feud, and it’s hugely fun!  Partly because Kevin Costner is in it, and he’s outstanding, but mostly because it’s just jaw-droppingly wild that these folks actually existed and behaved this way.

I don’t usually watch stories based on actual events, but I’m glad I made an exception for this. If nothing else we now have a new standard for measuring intelligence around our house – basically, when we talk about a person or an action as being less than intelligent, we ask: Hatfield stupid? Or McCoy stupid?

Watch the show and you’ll understand. Oh, and there’s a fairly fascinating/quirky love story (think Romeo and Juliet meets The Three Stooges) so that was a nice surprise.

We marathoned it, and that worked just fine. If there had been a week between each installment, a lot of the impact would have been lost in my opinion. I think it’s still showing on History or TNT, otherwise it’s also coming out in DVD soon.

What else? MAD MEN has had some really good episodes lately, and the season finale was good; GAME OF THRONES was great again, particularly the siege episode a couple of weeks back, which was some of the best TV ever;  GRIMM got better and better; ONCE UPON A TIME was so good!; and SUPERNATURAL just never stops entertaining me. (Unlike FRINGE, which was sooo good, then went sideways. Apparently the next season is supposed to be the last, so fingers crossed that they nail the ending)

And I loved MISSING with Ashley Judd and Sean Bean. Hard to believe it’s being cancelled. Grrrr

My award for worst show of the year: THE FIRM. I hung in there because I’m a Josh Lucas fan, but it’s been a painful ride. Sadly, even though it’s a John Grishom creation, they get a lot of the courtroom/law stuff wrong, which seems unforgivable.

Best show of the year? Probably a tie between GAME OF THRONES and HOMELAND, but for network stuff: ONCE UPON A TIME. It helped that I went into it with zero expectations, so it really wowed.

That’s it. Will post the rant on THE KILLING soonrtly. I've already written it, but need to find out if the season finale tomorrow night makes me even crazier (or maybe it will mollify me, but chances are slim).


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