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[Earlier this month I promised/threatened to rant about the TV show: THE KILLING. By the time the season ended I really didn't care any more, but since I had already drafted this to a large extent, I decided to finish and post. So here we go.]

THE KILLING. Ugh, what a waste of time. I kept watching because it should be better than it is, and I wanted it to fulfill its promise. Sadly, we’ve reached the end of Season II, and it’s all about misdirection (in the red-herring sense), which gets tiresome and feels incredibly manipulative. I love a good plot twist, and a bit of misdirection is a thing of beauty when well-done. Here? Not well done.

 I was one of the viewers who was annoyed when they didn’t reveal the killer at the end of Season I – mostly because the promo kept telling us “only x more episodes until the season finale when the killer will be revealed” so yeah, I thought they should follow through on that. At the end of Season II, I honestly didn’t care one way or the other. It was better than I expected, actually, but too little too late, and a complete indictment of the shoddy police work done by the supposedly great and experienced cop Linden. (spoiler – if they had just done a better job of checking alibis of the folks who were the prime suspects in episode 1 and 2, we could have been done at the end of one season. Sheesh…)

Oh, and don’t get me started on the lousy mothers with whom we are apparently supposed to empathize. Nope. We can sympathize, maybe, but these mothers are unforgivably self-absorbed, so at some point, it doesn’t make sense to portray them as the best-est moms in the world who are just going through a rough patch. Forcing us to watch for two years as these women neglect and semi-abandon young kids without ensuring that they are getting what they need from someone else temporarily – that makes for some compelling characters I suppose, but not admirable ones. So please stop implying that this flaw just reveals their sensitivity. 

All of the women in this story are portrayed as selfish/self-centered, and most of them are a freakish combo of corrupt and careless. The men are extremely flawed as well, but I still feel that there was a misogynistic overtone here.

Apparently there will be a Season III. I will opt out. There's so much good stuff on tv/dvd, plus a zillion good books, so that's that, right?


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