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The second book in my alien-abduction series is out – see cover in the preceding post. Woo-hoo!

 It’s the story of an archaeologist who – despite having a horrendous sinus infection – heads out to a remote dig for two reasons: (1) there’s an ancient cemetery involved, and that’s her passion, and (2) the lead archaeologist royally pissed her off by making her his second choice for the job, and she’s not about to let him off the hook. (Should I mention he’s good-looking? Or did you suspect that?)

You probably also suspected that her headache isn’t a sinus infection at all. The alien geneticist from the first book is now targeting Brietta, which is convenient for him, because not only is she a strong, healthy Earth female, she’s the cousin of the guy from PS-I who thwarted the first abduction, so the prospect of revenge looms large (at poor Brietta’s expense, because the alien just loves zapping her with pain, sometimes as part of the experiment, but other times, just because…)

One of my goals with this second book was to make it sufficiently different from the first. So for example, while Sara from the first book knew she was being targeted by the geneticist, that’s not the case with Brietta.  Also, in the first book, the “hero” was crazy about Sara from the start, while in this book – well, let’s just say Tagg is preoccupied with cementing his father’s legacy in the field of archaeology, and so while he’s attracted to Brietta, he sees that attraction as a nuisance to be curbed, not encouraged.

The resulting book is much more of an adventure story than the first one (which was really an alien-abduction suspense story right from the start).

Oh, and to make things more complicated, I wanted readers to be able to read this book before the first one if they wanted to, so I didn’t include many details from Book I. In terms of the sequence of events, Brietta takes place after PS-I, but the characters from PS-I are oblivious to Brietta’s  predicament, and she hasn’t yet heard about her cousin’s adventure from Book I. The only shared character is the alien geneticist, and like I said, he’s in revenge mode, so he’s a good reminder throughout thise book that something happened in the past involving Brietta’s cousin, and the alien is not going to be denied again.

All of this led to some interesting discussions about the title. At first we were calling it PERFECT SPECIMEN II:Brietta, but that sounded like you had to read them in order, so we kept playing around with it. In fact, we almost went with just Brietta (and a note that it was part of the PS series) on the theory that the similarities between the two awesome covers would help make the connection. But at the last minute, we kept PS in the title but dropped the II.

Anyway, it turned out to be lots of fun! Romantic archaeology with aliens monitoring all the action, ready to swoop in and grab our heroine.

I hope you enjoy it!



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