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THE OMEN re-spawned!

Did you see the original Omen? Then you’ve sorta seen the new one, but like many new things, it’s brighter and shinier. They updated certain aspects, and lessened some of the melodrama. All in all, I enjoyed it a lot. My only real problem was that I saw the original one – in fact, a marathon of OMEN I,II and III – pretty recently, so some of the dialogue felt familiar, and some of the shocking scenes didn’t shock me at all. Unless you’ve seen the original in the last few years, I think they’ll shock you just fine.

The actors are great, aside from the little boy who is just too young to be an actor, but who works in the role eventually. The special effects are terrific. And the original was a good horror movie, so the decision not to deviate was probably correct.

Here’s what I hope – that this movie is a huge success (as it should be), and they decide to re-make II and III, but have the confidence to make some changes this time, just to keep us on our toes. Nothing major, because let’s face it, I’m a fan of the original (hence the marathon watching).

But how about getting into other points of view, so that our perspective on the events is very fresh? Julia Stiles brought a lot to the role and could have had more scenes with the little devil where we really got a sense of what is was like to have a monster for a son.

So in II, give Damien a sweet little girlfriend. Or a not-so-sweet one. It would be a kick to see how that went, and it wouldn’t change the overall plot, just enhance it. Let him scrape his finger on one of the magic daggers and endure intense pain. Something fun.

Just my opinion. Anyway, I recommend the movie, whether or not you’ve seen the original. But especially if you haven’t – it’s a good one!

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