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News and pre-News

DeepSpaceFever small
Today is the release of a paperback anthology of my already-released SPACE e-novellas: Space Fever and Star Fever.  The print version is called DEEP SPACE FEVER.

It's a little pricey, but for those who don't do e-books but want to read about these space pilots, it's a cool alternative. Both stories in the anthology take place in a galaxy where Zentarus is the dominant planet in terms of space travel, but another planet Cortierra has gained some clout because of the recent discovery  of a valuable and scare mineral. Until now, Cortierra was known for its artistic bent -- lovers, not fighters. But after the discovery, they had to gear up, since pirates were attacking them left and right. The Zentarins come to their aid, but with strings attached. The Zentarins see Cortierrans as weak and sentimental, but Zentarrs and Zentresses have a weakness of their own -- a genetic trigger called lust fever that strikes without notice and causes them to seek a Zentarin mate or die trying.

In other words, Zentarins don't date Cortierrans for a variety of reasons; and once the fever strikes, only another Zentarin will do. Until...

I probably should have pasted the official blurb here, but I love the back story enough to use it instead. If you haven't read the ebooks, I hope you give them -- or this paperback -- a look. And if you have read the ebooks, there's nothing new in the paperback, so you're good until I write the third story!

As for the pre-news, I'm answering questions tomorrow at www.Kate-Book.com, the website for Kates, by Kates, about Kates. I'll post more information tomorrow!


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