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Holiday sci-fi story THE LAST NOEL

My latest book is not your usual holiday story. Sure, a bright light is scheduled to appear in the Christmas Eve sky, but this faraway star is being intentionally exploded by an extraterrestrial culture to harvest energy from the resultant tritium fusion. (In other words, don’t cue the Christmas carols just yet…)

The aliens have no idea that December 24 holds significance for the folks who will view the phenomenon from planet Earth. When they realize their mistake, they recruit a pair of indigenous experts for damage control. The science guy -- a brilliant astrophysicist named Greg Martell -- is thrilled to witness this breakthrough. But Becca Kincaid, a cultural anthropologist specializing in religion, knows the powerful forces at play in this scenario go far beyond nuclear fusion.

It’s really the classic religion-versus-science struggle, but with a twist, because Becca doesn’t just study religion. She is in awe of it – the beauty, the majesty, the primal, instinctive truth of it. To her, Greg’s willingness to be dazzled by this “second star of Bethlehem" is more similar to the reaction of shepherds and wise men than he can possibly understand.

Becca respects the power of religion, but she also fears it, and adding science to the mix only intensifies her concern. She knows in her gut things are about to go horribly wrong. But she can’t get Greg and the aliens to understand and take action until it’s too late, and Becca herself becomes the first victim of the second star.

Hope you enjoy it!


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