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SKYFALL movie review

Do you ever get the sense that a movie was written or filmed in two parts that were then glommed together? That’s how I felt while watching SKYFALL.  The good news is, the first half is the weaker of the two, so hang in there if/when you go see it. The second half (maybe even the last 2/3) is quite strong.

What’s wrong with the beginning? I’d like to say pacing, but that doesn’t quite capture it. Maybe disjointed is closer to the fact.

Also, I should mention Daniel Craig’s ears, because they are not the same size. This is probably true for most humans, but the fact that I kept noticing it did not bode well for the movie.

As it turns out, the problem in the first half was the need to provide a lot of background info quickly, and while the solution made sense in retrospect, I wonder if maybe they should have found another way.

The truest indication of trouble in the first half/third of the movie is that my mind kept wandering back to the trailers for other movies that were shown before SKYFALL started. We saw a Superman preview, a Star Trek  one, Die Hard, Django, and something forgettable with Arnold T Governor as a Sheriff or something. 

I tried to get immersed in SKYFALL, but found myself obsessing instead about Star Trek and Superman.

First, the Superman trailer – I am willing to start an internet petition to keep the hunky beard on Henry Cavill’s face for the entire film. Seriously! Who says Superman can’t have a beard? When I saw Clark with that scruffy face, I truly drooled.  They could have shown a plot hole bigger than Jupiter and I wouldn’t have noticed it. Then he was clean shaven, and frankly, he was on his own after that. I’m sure it’s excellent, but why take the chance? The movie isn’t due for release until summer, so can’t we re-shoot or re-touch or something?

On to the Star Trek trailer, which they disturbing subtitle INTO DARKNESS. Do they know this is Star Trek? Just because Batman can pull that off, let’s not push our luck. If Christopher Nolan were directing it, I might not be thrilled, but I’d be confident about the dark part. Not so with JJ Abrams. I just don’t see him pulling it off. I loved his first STAR TREK, but I always love his stuff at the start. Then he tends to meander after that. So hmm? MEANDER INTO DARKNESS?

I hope not.

Back to SKYFALL. Javier Bardem is the best Bond villain ever. Even when he’s “over the top” he projects a flesh-and-bone character – a human being bursting with good humor and profane evil.

Judi Dench gives an amazingly nuanced performance (amazing for reasons you’ll understand when you see it). Ralph Fiennes (and the character he plays)  may actually be my favorite aspect of the entire film.

Daniel Craig? He was revolutionary as Bond in CASINO ROYALE. Then he was okay in the next one. Here? Let’s just say, by the end, he was my favorite non-Connery Bond again. And the ear thing faded away (other than the eternal question: Is one too big, or is the other one just too small? Or are they both perfect, except not together? Oh well, if anyone figures it out, let me know!)

Do I think you should see it in the theater or wait for video? That’s a tough question, but in retrospect I’m glad I went. For one thing, if I’d been sitting at home, I might have given up on it after 15 minutes, and would have missed the great parts. Plus, I got to see those cool trailers on the big, big screen. So thumbs up after all.

And meanwhile, please sign my SUPERMAN-with-facial-hair petition.



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Dec. 20th, 2012 06:36 pm (UTC)
I'm afraid I'll be over there signing the anti-beard petition. :)
Dec. 20th, 2012 07:14 pm (UTC)
Well, that's totally understandable since he's gorgeous clean shaven. But have you seen the trailer on a huge screen? It's not just his usually scraggy stuff (which I like) but it's ... hmm, is it getting hot in here?
I'm not usually a fan of facial hair, but really, he looks kind of good as moody Clark.
Dec. 21st, 2012 10:32 pm (UTC)
I've only seen the trailer on the big screen, in fact, and the beard made me go NO NO NO AUGH WHY GOD WHY STOP NO :)
Dec. 21st, 2012 11:07 pm (UTC)
And thus the species will survive! Whew...
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