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Happy 2013! I hope your holidays were everything you wanted them to be (plus).

Our December was as good as they get absent winning the lottery. Lots of get-togethers, streamlined shopping/gifting, cold weather, fires in the fireplace, cookies, turkey, enchiladas etc. (We postponed the tamale-making until March, so we’ll see how that experiment goes).

But mostly, I’ve been writing new stories. If you’ve visited this site in the past, you know I like working on a couple of books at a time. In December/January I had three different stories going – a space opera; a romantic comedy in the sports world; and a romantic suspense. The space story has a sequel for which I’m already drafting key scenes, and the romantic suspense is a trilogy that has also amassed a ton of notes for books 2 and 3, so in a sense, I’m in some stage of writing six books at one time, which turns out to be quite enough.

It helps that they are so different in terms of plots and genres/sub-genres. For example, I could never juggle three science fiction novels at one time if they were set in different universes, or three suspense stories with radically different set-ups. But this has been a fun challenge.

Anyway, I hope you’re doing something you love, too. And keeping those New Year’s resolutions!! (Just kidding)

Oh, and we finally saw the last Twilight movie. I never know what to say about those, but I’ll note that, if you’ve seen the others, you should see this one too, preferably on the big screen because it has a rather amazing action sequence, sort of. Otherwise not much happens in the story, but again, if you’ve seen the others, you already know that. Why do I keep going back? I think it’s the wolves.

Coming up this week: The Hobbit.  It was one of my favorite books as a teenager, but I haven’t re-read it in years, so it should be an amazing experience. All I ask is that it’s different from (but as good as) the Lord of the Rings.  Doesn’t that seem reasonable?

Wish me luck.


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