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There are organized people and then there are the rest of us. In this case, I’m talking about external organization – keeping things in “folders,” for examples. Or keeping a left shoe together with its right shoe in a closet, rather than just storing them in each other’s vicinity.

This contrasts with those of us who are internally organized, where one’s mind knows where things are, even if it looks haphazard to the naked eye.

Even when I occasionally try to organize my books or files or shoes or canned goods, it all disintegrates quickly. On the other hand, I can (almost) always find stuff, and sometimes in an idiot-savant sort of way, can find it instantly even if it’s buried in a sea of seemingly unrelated minutia.

Of course there are those other times, when I spend frantic hours searching for a receipt, or a handwritten chapter, or a small child – just kidding about the child, but otherwise, I end up tearing my office/house apart.

Have you guessed that I lost something today? It got me thinking about my friends, because, as strange as it sounds, all of them are extremely organized. Every single one.

So here’s the countdown:

My husband is organized. Not necessarily “neat” in the sense of non-messy, especially since he can be a pack rat. But he religiously puts paper documents in file folders, and then puts those folders in the file cabinet, and then keeps those folders in alphabetical order. He files new docs right away, and if he needs something from the file cabinet, he returns it right away. Compared to me, that’s just obsessive!  Oh, and of course he does the same thing with e-documents, e-files, etc, etc. My children take after him, thank God, although my daughter has a dual nature, and can do the hocus pocus thing too when needed.

My siblings are organized. It’s so bad that if I need something in a hurry, and I suspect they have a copy, I just email and ask them to send it. Not that I can’t find everything eventually, but it’s so much simpler this way…

Likewise, every single close friend is organized, and I’d actually categorize most of them as neat freaks. Again, it’s so handy! One friend who is also my supervisor is able to find any legal opinion I ever wrote, and she can do it in less than 60 seconds, even if I wrote it ten years ago on a minor issue. Since I just keep everything in my inbox until the computer system sends me a terse warning, and then move hundreds of items at a time to a folder called “misc,” she’s a godsend.

Maybe I’m kidding myself, and I’m actually the only disorganized person in the world, but that can’t be true, can it?

Waahhhh! Where did I put that chapter?! Wish me luck.




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