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The Hobbit -- and TIMELESS

I planned on posting this yesterday -- Tuesday -- since it was so cool that my ebook was being released on the same day as the Hobbit DVD here in the USA.

So why am I posting it on Wednesday?  Funny story. I had an opportunity yesterday to promote my time-travel ebook -- TIMELESS (which is a re-release of a 1994 paperback) -- by posting an excerpt from the story on the publisher's website.  It caught me by surprise, so I opened the pdf for the simple purpose of finding a good excerpt.

I knew that the first few chapters were already available by the publisher and on Amazon, so I started with Chapter 4, intending to skim. I found one scene I really liked, then another, then another...

Bottom line? I ended up reading my own book! For fun!  I never do that. I re-read the drafts, and tweak them. I proof the final draft for errors. But read the published book? Nope. Mostly I'm afraid of finding typos that are now carved in granite and can't be fixed (and yes, I found a few) but also, it just seems decadent.

And it was decadent! I ran into scenes I had almost forgotten about, and I got to know the characters again. John Cutler in particular. He's a backwoodsman, very plain-talking and no nonsense, but he had tons of great one-liners. I forgot about that until yesterday.

So I can't vouch for the first three chapters, since I didn't read them, but I'm highly recommending the rest of the book to you. It was a fun way to spend a day -- even though I was supposed to be doing something else entirely.

Oh, and the funniest part was seeing how many love scenes were in that darned book. The reason being, I wrote it as a 100,000 word book, which is what most publishers were looking for at the time. But when Pinnacle/Kensington bought it, they wanted 120,000. I tried adding a subplot, which went very well but still left lots of unused words. So I finally gave up and added about three new "love" scenes (okay, sex scenes -- shoot me). It still cracks me up. I always thought that if I re-released it someday, I'd cut those extra love scenes, but Samhain's RETRO line is a true re-release, with no re-writing, so we're still stuck with them. My advice? Once you've read the first few lovemaking scenes, just skim the rest. John's not really that creative, so once you've seen some, you've seen them all. (He gets the job done though! So don't worry about that)

Anyway, TIMELESS was my first published novel, and I'll always have a place in my heart for it. And now that I've re-read it, it's even more of a thrill to see it re-released this week.




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