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This movie was pretty good. Was there ever really a doubt?

But first, the trailers!! Wolverine 2 (yay!); Superman (I can’t wait. It looks better and better with each glimpse); Lone Ranger (hmmm...); Fast and Furious (I will resist seeing it but will end up enjoying it. Again); and something I hadn’t heard of: WHITE HOUSE DOWN starring Channing Tatum. 

It’s a funny thing about WHITE HOUSE DOWN. My husband and I just finished an audio book about a terrorist attack on the White House. I was honestly surprised by how clichéd, stereotyped, and predictable that book was, especially considering the great review from Publishers Weekly and the amazing sales. I don’t read a lot of action thrillers, but for audio books when we’re on a road trip?  I love them. The cheesier and more ridiculous/superficial the better. But this book? Ugh.

So there we were, a few days later, watching a trailer for a film that told a similar story but already had more twists and turns, more fleshed out characters, a hero to root for, and adrenaline-type effects. Yes, the trailer succeeded in those categories where a full novel didn’t even scratch the surface.

It was an interesting analytical coincidence for me as a writer. While listening to the audio book, I knew I should be trying to figure out exactly why it wasn't working for me, but it was so dull, I couldn’t muster up the interest. Then boom, the movie trailer did all the work for me. Very cool.

The second coincidence was that we just watched THE AWAKENING on TV this week. Rebecca Hall starred in it and did a great job, so it was fun seeing her in a different role so soon after that one. She’s so good.

Okay, so what about IRON MAN THREE?  I liked it, but it’s definitely my third favorite of the trio.  It has some truly outstanding moments, and definitely does a lot of what Iron Man does best (especially in terms of sharp, clever dialogue and short, punchy action scenes rather than the superhero version of a car chase), so I recommend it.

Still, there was something about this movie – something tiny and insignificant in the long run– that didn’t work for me. I keep wondering if it’s because they also made it in 3-D, a.k.a. the scourge of modern filmmaking. Whenever there’s a shot in an otherwise-good movie that doesn’t quite work, or a scene that seems superfluous, I suspect 3-D as the culprit. I can’t prove it, but my suspicions keep growing.

Anyway, IRON MAN THREE is worth seeing on the big, bright screen. I’ll give it a second try soon, and if I love it a lot more, or a lot less, I’ll update this post!

p.s. The ending was really well done, but I hated it. Go figure.


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May. 17th, 2013 08:28 pm (UTC)
Eeeeeeeeemail me and tell me the insignificant bit that didn't work for you! :)
May. 18th, 2013 05:27 pm (UTC)
Okay, but fair warning, I actually have more than one (four I think, not counting the ending). All insignificant, but still, it shows I wasn't as drawn into this one, since I basically declared the first two movies flawless-ish
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